Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Well as I posted a few weeks ago, I've wanted to start a hand mirror collection to create this.
Well I have 4 mirrors now and I decide to start hanging them.
Here's what they look like on my Guest Bathroom

I'll be getting more as they become available and adding them to the display, but this is a start.

Also, I will be going to First Monday Trades days in Canton tomorrow, and I will be meeting up with a,
fellow blogger.

I can't wait. If you are going to be there LMK and i'll tell you where to meet us.

Can't wait to show you what treasures I find.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I've decide I have a favorite color, It's Green. I like most shades of green except 70's avacado.
I realized I have some form of green in almost every room of my home. In th 90's it was hunter green, Now it's sage, teal, and some other shades. I have at least 3 rooms painted in shades of green, and the others have green accents. Green is a very calming color, it also seems clean to me.

Here is some info on Green:
Life and Renewal: Green is life. Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment. On the flip side, green is jealousy or envy (green-eyed monster) and inexperience.
Nature of Green: Green is a restful color with some of the same calming attributes of blue. Like blue, time moves faster in a green room.
Culture of Green: Green is the national color of Ireland and is strongly associated with that country. Because of all the green in nature the color is reminiscent of Spring. Coupled with red it's a Christmas color.

More on the color green here:

From Wikipedia:A green room is a room in a theater, studio, or other public venue for the accommodation of performers or speakers when not required on the stage.

The first recorded use of the term was in 1701 but the origin of the term is unknown and is the source of many folk etymologies such as:

  • In some explanations it is said that the colour was a response to limelight – early stage lighting.
  • Green is also thought to be a calming and soothing colour but this is according to 20th century psychological theories so can not be the origin of the term.
  • The most widely accepted origin of the term dates back to Shakespearean theatre. Actors would prepare for their performances in a room filled with plants and shrubs. It was believed that the moisture in the topiary was beneficial to the Actors' voices.
  • Richard Southern, in his studies of Medieval theatre in the round, states that the acting area was "The Green". The central space, often grass-covered, was used by the actors, while the surrounding space and circular banks were occupied by the spectators. Since then "The Green" has been a traditional actor's term for the stage. Even in proscenium arch theatres there was a tradition that a green stage cloth should be used for a tragedy. The green room is thus the room on the way to the green.
  • It has been suggested that the original 'green room' was in a London theatre converted from office buildings. The room behind the stage had previously been used to cut deals and was known as the 'agreeing room,' and the phrase has become corrupted over the years.

I'm also realizing that Green is also a verb. Hollywood is going green (Meaning Eco-friendly).
I'm Green with envy (meaning jealousy). I'm feeling a little Green (meaning sick).

Oh and btw, I hate green vegetables.

Even though Green can have some negative meanings (jealousy & sick & Vegitables) I still love it. I think everyone should give it a "green light" and have a "green room" and "go green".
Your neighbors will be "green with envy", and may feel a little "green" because of it. For now, I'll try and eat my "greens".


Monday, May 28, 2007

What looks simple isn't always so

Well I'm finally tackling my own "old bed/crib bench". What looks simple isn't always so. Due to the fact that I feel someone will eventually want to sit on this bench, I feel it must be strong.
So to organize my ideas, I've added a page to my web site.
Click here to view other great and inspiring benches, as well as follow DH's and My progress with mine. This is what we've done so far.

On another note, I am getting excited about my Garage/Barn sale. I'm clearing out closets of the junk that we've accumulate and it feels so good. Sale isn't until Late Summer or Fall so I've got plenty of time, so no need to rush.

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Few Good Things

Well GS are few and far between today, but I did pick up a few good things. I found this window table already made for just $5.00.

It was real dirty and needs a little TLC, but I think it will be a nice addition to
my Barn Sale.

I made one similar to it about 2 weeks ago. It can be seen on my "past Projects of the week" page.

I also picked up this old school desk for $2.00. I will probably leave wooden top as it is, but I'll clean up the metal parts and give them a paint job. I think it would make a nice bedside table. It's the right height and even has a place to store reading material etc.

I've been able to work on a few past GS finds. I painted and these 2 items, and am please at how they turned out.

You can see before pics by scrolling down to past posts.

I also picked up a new book at a GS for a quarter. It's called Trash to Treasure by Leisure Arts. I've passed up on this book before, but it has a few good projects in it. I'll write a review in a few weeks so check the web site for that.

Take care, and have a great holiday weekend.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I'm feeling Blah this week. It's a girl thing. :(

Anyway, My Youngest Son got his Drivers License on Monday, so my life is about to change dramatically. I'm already missing not spending time with him to and from school each day. I've never liked the waiting to pick up after school, but I guess I really did enjoy the one on one time in the car on the way home. Unfortunately on Tuesday he got fired from his first job. This took us all by surprise since he is such a hard worker, but apparently they wanted someone with better people skills. He was officially fired for not smiling enough. But he came in this afternoon announcing that he will be getting a new job at a pizza place, so all is not lost. I like pizza better than ice cream anyway. My first real job was at a pizza place, I still have fond memories of it.

I've managed to create a few thing this week for ebay, but nothing big. I've got my projects of the week already picked out so check the web site on Thursday for updates.

Everyone take care

Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

Well It's almost June and time to review my New Year's resolution. I usually don't make resolutions but I did this year, although I've modified it a bit from what I start with. My resolution was originally to stop buying "stuff". Shortly after the new year I realized that what I really wanted to do was to stop buying CR*P. This resolution is what has fueled my T2T passion. I still like to change things in my home, but I'm sick of spending money. I realized that it's now almost 6 months into the year and I've done pretty well. My Walmart/Target file has only 2 receipts in it. Did you hear that, 2. That is awesome in my opinion. I have also not set foot in Linens N things or BB & Beyond all year. I have no desire to do so either. Went in Hobby Lobby yesterday with DH for him to get some glass, and I browsed, but did not buy. Frankly I don't want any of that stuff anyway. I'm almost to the point where "new" turns my stomach. We can have so much without having "new". My creativity has been fueled and I'm not feeling as if I'm doing without. I'm spending less time in front of the TV, and I'm very very happy. And all of this without setting foot into a Walmart.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I love Saturdays

Well I wasn't going to but decided to anyway. DH and I hit a few GS this morning and with his help and truck I was able to do well again.

I got this for 15.00

It's an old radio cabinet. The lid lifts up and there is a pocket inside for I don't know what, music, instructions etc. See the door sitting there on the ground.

Wouldn't that look good painted with stained glass behind it.

I also found 4 of these shutters yesterday.

I'm going to paint them and put tin ceiling in behind them.

Here are close ups of the metal parts to the lamp thingy. Right now it's holding
a roll of papertowels in my workshop.

Now for an idea in progress. Someday When DS #2 moves out, (he's only 15 now)
I'm going to do up a cottage blue/white bedroom. This will be the headboard for that room. I finally have all the pieces. It will be all white.

Those shutters are the only I've seen like this. There are louvered parts in the center and fixed parts on the outside of each one. Before this is made, I may find a different piece to use as the top but for now, this one is set aside.

Today my House need some attention, so no time for the workshop, that'll have to wait.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Estate Sale Finds

Let me first say that I drove all over town looking for this one sale and whenI got there, I found nothing. But all was not lost, because in my hunting for the right road, I found 2 other Yard sales, one that had some great old junk.

At the best sale I found this chest. It's either a night stand, or a child's dresser. I love the shape and I think it will look nice with new nobs and some cleaning up. It was $5.00. I think you'll agree it was a bargain.

At the same sale I found this silverware:

That I will make a hook hanging rack out of.
At the same sale I found most of the other items in this pic (not the coffee table)

The green thing is a metal bread box with 2 compartments.
I think the thing on the right is some sort of lamp. It's very heavy with a great ornate base and this platform that came off of it. With an ornate iron handle.
Any ideas what I can do with the parts?

I also found this cute wooden bowl at another sale:

Well How'd I do. Any ideas for the iron lamp thing?

I almost forgot, I got these 2 school chairs for free and the other chair for about $1.00.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday Estate Sale

I'm a firm believer, that the best stuff at Estate Sales, can be found in the Garage and Shed. Today's sale was no exception.

I went through the house first and found the mirror (more about that later), then I headed outside to the shed, where I found this great game called Canoga, or Shut the box. A Game I knew nothing about until today, but I couldn't pass up this wooden box with numbers and flaps that covered the numbers. I'll probably clean out the old felt and either try to re-felt it or paint it.

Now for the Mirror. I've had this picture in my idea book for awhile now.

and I"ve been looking at these old dressing table mirrors to do something like this. But these mirrors are not cheap, they go for between $20-$40. This one was priced for $5.00 so I scooped it up. First step to a new collection.

The tray was a bonus find, don't know what I'll do with it. The 2 door plates were found at a separate sale for .50c. All in all i spent $9.50. And this is only Wednesday, can't wait for tomorrow.

I had a request to post pics of me and my barn, so
here you go.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Made another Birdhouse

I spent some time in the barn today, not as much as I'd like. I finished up another birdhouse.

Please take a look at Tina's blog for a great Old Window Greenhouse. She has information on how to order these wonderful items too.

See here

I am also whittling away at my "list" below of yuck stuff I have to do. Tomorrow my goal is to get my Car oil changed.

There is one estate sale in town tomorrow so I'll hit it on my way to work in the morning.

I wish more people would reply to my posts. I know people are viewing them based on the little counter I have, but very few responses except from rosemary and tina, and One Woman. Thanks to you all.
Everyone else, please let me know you are out there.

Everyone-Stay Safe

Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Morning stuff

Well I spent the weekend traveling and resting, but I did manage to get a little bit done in the barn. I'm currently working on a table made from an old window. Here's a peak at the finished project.

I'm also working on several other projects for my October Barn Sale. I've got a shutter coffee table, a shutter corner shelf, another table similar to the one above as well as some other stuff.

The little birdies are growing, Here's a pic from today.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's day

here's a little IQ test for your enjoyment.

This is very fast so be prepared. You only have 8 seconds for eacdh question. But it's a good test of some of our old minds.

click here and have fun, let me know how you did.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Great Junkin Day

I headed over to that junk place I mentioned that was going out of business. I was talking to the man asking if they had any windows or spindles and he said I was welcome to look through his "trash" pile, and take anything I wanted. Wow, I found table legs, tables, chairs, a sewing machine table and lots of stuff. Then the guy who owns the whse across the ally said he was getting rid of his stuff too and was having an estate sale down the street, but He was here to pick up a load and I was welcome to look through his whse. I got 5.00 worth of stuff and headed down the street to the estate sale where I found Parts of beds, a great marble table, spindles a clock and a finial all for 10.00. We still have to go back with the trailer and pick up some of the free stuff tomorrow, but I'm so excited. Here are some pics.

All that in my little bitty car

That's an old bread box, and some other rusty kitchen stuff

I'm a sucker
for display racks, any ideas what I can do with this one?

Box and spindles found in the trash pile

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Updates on Web page

First off, Bird Babies look about the same today. I hate to bother them for another picture. But I will get one this weekend.

Second, I have to help this lovely lady with costume changes, backstage at the local ballet tonight so updates will be later tonight.

Had a good haul at today's estate sales. I got some wooden skis (for a future window valance idea), a great old window for 10.00, with lots of chippy paint in a great green color. An old camera for my camera collection for 2.00, Some picture frames, (always looking for frames) And another old suitcase. I need to quit buying stuff for me and start buying stuff to sell though. ;)

Check back later tonight for web page updates.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

We have babies

Again this year I am blessed with a Cardinal's nest. The chicks have hatched and I'll be posting progress pictures almost daily. I love to watch this process.
This pic was taken yesteday.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Great new Magazine

After finishing up my Grocery shopping this morning, I began to browse the Magazines. As I subscribe to most of the ones I want I really didn't expect to find anything new. But there it was,
A special issue of BHG, 100 ideas Flea market style.

Inside I found many ideas I've seen before, but lots of ideas I had not yet seen. They've gathered up Flea Market ideas from their many magazines from the past and put them all together in this one issue. If you can, pick it up, it's a good resource.

Monday, May 7, 2007

It's so sad-Favorite junking spot Closed

Well I went junk shopping today and headed for one of my favorite junk spots. This elderly gentleman has an un-air-conditioned whse full of stuff. To view it all you need to be ready to scavenge, get dirty, and be amazed at what one person can collect. Areas of nothing but vacuum cleaner parts, boxes of old records and the occasional true treasure, priced right too. I was ready to purchase some old windows from him, that are just the right size and at $3.00 each, can't be beat. When I drive up, nothing... all his stash that is usually outside---gone. Fortunately he is sitting next door at the other antique store (better organized and higher priced) so I go visit. Turns out the entire whse was sold, and his rent went way up. He was loosing sleep as to how to deal with it all. Someone offered him $4000 and he took it-gladly. He still has some stuff in a booth at the nicer place, but not the junk I like. All is not lost though, The new owners are gonna fix up this area of abandoned whses and make it a nice antique area. Can't wait for the new stuff, just probably won't be able to afford any of it. :(

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The mundane stuff

As I was vacuuming this morning I began to think of all that yuck stuff that I need to do. The stuff that requires appointments, taking time off work, waiting in waiting rooms traveling and even getting undressed. You know the stuff i'm talking about. here's a general list of what I need to get done but have not had time.
Women's yearly
Carpets cleaned
Tires rotated
Oil Changed
Chimney swept
TMJ doctor-2 hrs away

Yuck!!!! All of it is unpleasant, and all of it costs money.

So, my goal is to take one item off the list each week. Half the work is getting on the phone and making the appt. So I'll try to do one or two of those this week. The first item has already been scheduled so that'll be done this week. I think I'll work on the carpets or exterminator for next week. All this maintenance, it's just not fun. And for all of you women who are gonna yell at me to get the Mammo done first, It's on the schedule and will get done. I'm not late on it yet.

I encourage you to look into the maintenance you need to do on yourself, and get it done. You only have one body, take care of it. So you can have many years of Junkin and craftin.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Friday & Saturday GS Finds and Getting Tagged.

I feel like I did pretty good this weekend with the GS's. I picked up a cute little child's chair for only 2.00, and a picnic basket full of bakelite utensils for only 4.00. I also got a couple of lamp shades for future lamp projects as well as some other stuff for who knows what future project.
And a couple of old Yard/garden tools, a nice picture frame, a tissue basket, and an old retro lap desk with lifting lid.

On another note, Rosemary has tagged me. So I think I'll have to share 7 things about myself that are strange or weird or something. So here goes.

1) I can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order

2) I am semi fluent in American Sign Language

3) I'd rather clean the toilet than cook a meal

4) I have an extreme type A personality

5) I was a rebellious teenager (sorry mom & dad)

6) I got married at the age of 17, we will celebrate 25 yrs this summer

7) I loooove Science Fiction, TV and movies, but not scary stuff, mostly space stuff.

I'm not gonna tag anyone, because I've not been on here long enough to know anyone who has not already been tagged.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Page one updates have been made

Internet is working for now so I was able to update page 1.
I've got more great ideas to add throughout so keep checking daily. I've got some good stuff going on ebay this week too so keep an eye out.

My friend's MIL who did the painting of my home (see below) would love to have more business.
She will paint a watercolor of your home in the same style using pictures you provide. If you are interested please Let me know.

Here are my Garage Sale Finds from yesterday. Happy weekend everyone.

Below is some victorian Gingerbread:

This is an iron plant stand and a metal cabinet. I'm going to paint the cabinet green and repair the handles. It also has a key and works as a safe. Love the 3 little drawers on top. It's a real utilitarian piece and was cheap. I also found another piece of old luggage for $1. I Dont' need it but I picked it up anyway.

Updates not made-sorry computer problems

So sorry that the Thursday updates were not made last night. Our internet at home is down and as of this morning It's still not working. I can post this at work, but I cannot update my pages from work, so updates will be made as soon as possible. I have great new projects for this week so be sure to check back.

Garage sales today were Blah!!!! but Yesterday was pretty good.

I'm trying to decide if I want to spend the gas to go to the First Monday trades days in Canton TX tomorrow. I probably won't. I'm finding much of what I need here locally at the GS.


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I've updated the Yard Art page as well as added some links/blogs today. Check out Linda's Birdhouses on the Yard art page, they are awsome.

Well Yesterday and Today have not been very productive. It's been raining here for 2 days and that means that anything I paint will not dry. I'm making progress on shutter birdhouse #2 and a few other projects for next week's ebay offerings, but nothing new or exciting... to me.

My son started his first job yesterday, He came home very tired, but it's the good kinda tired when you know you worked hard, and you sleep well.

I think I've decide to have a "barn sale" in the Fall. I'll work all summer creating stuff (that's too big for ebay) and then have one big sale when the weather starts to cool. I think I can lure people out here with the right advertising. Sometimes just saying "barn sale" is enough to get people to drive a little ways. We really arn't that far from town.

Well those are my musings for today, sorry no new pictures but check the web page on Thursday for new projects.
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