Friday, August 31, 2007

Another Great Junking Day

I hit 2 sales today, on the way to the real job. The first was a flop but the second was another jackpot.
I got this great sign

Now where is Downtown???
This wonderful red pogo stick

That I thought I'd try out, What was I thinking???

These great wooden red letters

here's another pic of the loot

What a fun haul. You'll see some of the letters available at my
Barn Sale, and the downtown sign as well. As for the Pogo stick, we'll have to see.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another good find

I went to another ES today and was able to find some smaller items. I got this folder divider thing, that was full of newspaper clipping about a young girl in the 30's. Turns out she died recently due to a house fire, she was in her 70's. It's so sad. I can't believe the family didn't want this. I'm going to try and contact a family member to see if they even knew about what was in this file. The clippings are not really important to me, except for they make some interesting reading. What was really great were these valentines, and pictures. Many of the Valentines are Mechanical. I think you will see some of these available at my barn sale

I love the fact that these 2 children are holding Dalmatians. I used to have a Dallie, and he was so sweet.

I also picked up this cool doorknob. It was a good little find, and so fun to look through.

See ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I know it is a big no-no to post 2 blogs in 1 day, but I am just so excited about my finds today. I got an email this morning about an estate sale in town. It's the only one today so of course I went. WOW!!! they had great stuff. Here's what I got. Now stay with me till the end.

First is this lot of old table legs and trim. All of this for $5.00. Oh the projects in there...

Then I found this old Marmalade Crock, I'm using it in my office for Pens

Then inside the house I found this little quilted 2'x2' wall hanging, Obviously vintage
this Homer Laughlin colorware Bowl, and a bag of old sewing notions, how sweet.

Now for the best. I found this old Telephone Niche', perfectly chippy and with my name all over it. I do not know what I'm going to do with yet, but I'll think of something.
I was just doing the happy dance. Total spent, are you ready, $47.00. Like I said, Jackpot.

Great Magazine and New Years Resolution

First I wanna talk about this month's Country Home magazine. If you do not subscribe, and you like T2T, be sure to pick this one up.
If you'll read the editor's note on page 12 You'll see that they are changing up their format a little and it looks like it will be great for T2T-ers. With Before and Afters, and instruction for their project.
Now for the features, this issue is full of great articles. Starting on P 18 with Found Objects. The article starts out "one man's trash is another man's treasure" and it goes from there.
On page 23 the Nest feature has some great ideas for memory boxes you can make.
There is a feature on turning old pieces of furniture into Bathroom Sink cabinets, with instructions, p46. And a great trinket box project on p 50. Of courst Ki and Sue's section on p 86 has great laundry room ideas. There is an article on turning out buildings into living spaces on p114, with great pictures. The home featured on p142 has lots of T2T furnishings and great pictures. There is lots more so pick it up if you are so inclined.

Now onto the Resolution:
I don't know how many of you know that I made a resolution this year not to buy new stuff for a year. This is how my T2T got really jumpstarted, as I wanted to change my surroundings without spending money. We'll I need to amend the resolution a bit.
#1) Clothing doesn't count, Food and Makeup doesn't count.
#2) Longaberger and Fiestaware doesn't count (anyway, they are made in the good old USA)
#2) Supplies to make other items doesn't count (jewelry making supplies, T2T supplies, Paint etc)
#3) Support my fellow Bloggers.
Now I need to expound on this one a bit. Many of us bloggers have little businesses. We are struggling to get the word out about our products, and wonder if anyone knows we are out there. That said, There are several blogger items I would like to buy, but my resolution has prevented me from it. So now, I'm amending it to exclude made by bloggers and sold by blogger items.
#4) Books and magazines are excluded (with careful consideration)
#5) Antique store items are excluded (support your local merchants)
#6) Estate sale, thrift store items, and Garage sale items are excluded.

I guess the goal of my resolution was to avoid the "made in CH..A Cr.p) that is so plentiful out there. I'm amending that to Support companies that Mfg in America and inidividuals making their own items here in the blogosphere.

Plan of action:
1. When going to Walmart or Target etc. make a list and stick to it. These stores, especially Walmart have tricks to suck you into buying things you only think you want. Watch out for those colorful and cute displays.

2. Support fellow bloggers, I'm placing an order today.

3. Check if an item is made in America and then if it's quality and I want it. It's OK.

4. Always buy lemonade from the kid on the corner (support the developing entrepreneur)

Now that - I can live with.
Enjoy your day.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ordinary Things

I love it when I see ordinary things displayed in an artistic or unusual way. So many beautiful things are stowed away in drawers and just out of sight. The most ordinary things can be displayed to warm up and personalize your space.

This is a display in my cottage Corner at home. I've filled the basket with old keys, tassels and glass doorknobs. The pearls are cheepy ones, and the gloves were purchased at an ES. And of course books are one of the most ordinary things you can display.

This is a basket full of ordinary things. Let's see, old postcards, small picture frames, A roll of twine, and an old clock face, what else is in there??
How about filling a bowl or dish with Game pieces instead of candy or Potpourie.
Scrabble pieces, dominos, bingo numbers, jacks, dice, playing cards etc would all make nice displays just willy-nilly in a bowl.

I borrowed this idea from Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage. Now you can't get more ordinary than toilet Paper rolls
I have more of these display Budget ideas on my web page

So clear out those drawers, and see what you've got that you can display.
Visit the blogs on my side bar for more display ideas.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wear your Treasures

I love to wear my treasures andI've been looking for a way to turn some old stamps that I picked up at an estate sale, into jewelry. I finally found the charms and here's what I came up with.

These stamps are mostly from the 1960's and are from all over the world. Mounted in a sturdy Charm and made into earrings. I have many colors available, Queen Elizabeth, Dead presidents, Buildings etc. Lots of eastern block countries too.
You can see more examples of stamp earrings and lots more Treasure Jewelry

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pretty paper, pretty ribbons, pretty bows

Yesterday I went to an ES, not much there, but I did pick up these nice hand-made cards. I love hand made cards and have been able to pickup a few sets in the last few weeks, all for bargain prices at GS & ES.
Be sure and watch for great cards and stationary when you are out at the sales, you never know what you might find.
I found these at a different sale, last week.

These are for all different occasions, also hand-made cards.
That Paris Tray was also a GS find, I got 2 of them.

And here they are all together in a basket. Now all I need is for someone to get married, have a baby or a birthday.
Oh and the Basket was also picked up at a GS for 50Cents.
Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Recent find, and Barn displays

I wanted to share my most recent treasure find with you. Last weekend I found this great doll crib at an ES. The side actually folds down.

I will display it with a small quilt and maybe some stuffed animals for the Barn sale.

Here are some of the other displays I'm Working on for the Sale. I've never done a booth or anything before so this is new for me. The art of merchandising for a sale.
I'm still working on it, I'm trying to group like things together, but I am also working with a very ugly back drop. So here's the beginning.

A Bucket of birdhouses

You can see all my cleaning and pricing supplies in this lovely pic

Cottage Corner

Primitives Parkway

Well That is all for now, Back to arranging, cleaning, and re-arranging.

Oh and it looks as if I've been bitten by a brown recluse spider. Never fear, I don't seem to be having any huge reaction, just a bruise the size of a nickel with 2 nice little puncture marks in the center. It doesn't hurt, it's not growing and I do not know when it happened. Actually the Ant bites I got yesterday are more bothersome. This really is hazardous work :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Domain Name

New web site name:
Hello fellow junkers, in an effort to get myself a trademark and a better web address I've changed the name of My website to The RoboJunker Journal, and I've purchased the domain You can still get to my site the same way that you have been, but now I have a cool new name.
You can also get to the site by typing Either way gets you to the same place. Woo Hoo!!!!!
Watch for great RoboJunker items coming soon.

I've been working a lot in the Barn trying to get ready for the Sale. It's real hard when I can't put everything out the way I want it right now, but I'm making progress. There is just some stuff I don't want out there, because I don't want it to get dirty. It's just too early. Then there are the Garage Sale items. My plan is to separate out the GS stuff from the BS stuff. I'll have lots of signs directing people inside the barn where the "good stuff" will be. I spent some of my time today, just arranging, pricing and trying to cover up the yuck that exists in any storage place. Ladders, Propane tanks, Gas cans, lumber... well you get the idea, I even have a whole spool of barbed wire out there, left by the previous owners. A lot of what is out there was left by the previous owners, and I think by the owners before them.
Well I'm sure I'll have it all figured out by the time of the sale, I'm just getting anxious. Maybe I'll post some pics tomorrow, I'm still not happy enough with the way it looks though yet.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Typewriter Key Earrings

I finally have typewriter key earrings as part of my jewelry collection.

You can see more of my Jewelry here. These earrings are only $12.00 a pair.

Now for my Junking story of the day.
I had an item stored at work in a space between the wall and a filing cabinet. after deciding not to use it at work, I pulled it out to bring it home for the Barn sale. As I was handling it a spider crawled from the back to the front, A Black Widow Spider!!!!! I have never accidentally run across a black widow but I have seen them. This is the first time one ever "surprised" me. Well needless to say, I was taken aback and the spider was quickly gotten rid of, but it was a "heroing" experience to say the least. Oh the perils of Junking. I have now vacuumed all unwelcome creatures from my office and an Exterminator will be called soon, and spiders will die!!!!

Enjoy your day.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

She considereth a field, and buyeth it

Pro 31:16 She considereth a field, and buyeth it
Recently I was talking to my DH about why we as women love to shop and create. We both feel that it is a primal thing, within the way we were created. Men were created to hunt, protect and provide. Women to Gather, nurture and beautify. Although these rolls have become blury in recent times, the "stuff we are made of" stays the same, and we continue to Hunt and Gather just in Modern ways. Women of centuries past have made clothing, blankets, baskets, rugs and numerous other things for the home, and made them beautiful at the same time. They could have made the baskets and rugs all the same color, the function would have been the same, but they made them with patterns, and went to the trouble to make dye's for color. All in the name of beauty and craft. We Junkers and Crafters do the same today, but so many of us feel guilty or as if we are endulging pleasure instead of fulfilling our function in the home. Yes cooking and cleaning are important, but the things we do for our surroundings and our inner soul are just as important to our home and family.

I love Proverb 31. For those who don't know it is about what a Virtuous Woman is. Many of us read this and do not understand how it can apply to the Modern Woman. Well it does, and it is so fun to figure out how. The verse above for example. Ladies--that is shopping!!!! Now don't laugh, or think I've fallen off my rocker. I'm not talking about frivelous shopping, I'm talking about careful, budget conscience, frugal shopping for home and family. It is up to us to beautify the world we and our family live in. When we can do this frugally we are being a virtuous woman. When you hunt for those bargains, clip those coupons, shop those sales. You are being a virtuous woman, A Wife worthy of praise whose "price is far above rubies", or her "value" is far above rubies.
So don't feel guilty ladies, when you are out doing your salvage finds, quilting crafts, Scrap-booking, and bargain hunting. You are fulfilling your roll in the home AND having fun doing it. It's how you are made--now enjoy it.

I encourage you to read Proverbs 31:10-31 and you will see yourselves there. This woman is a craftsperson, she is making and selling and it's a good thing. Read it and find yourself there.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Office Re-deaux Part 2

Well, my office Re-Deaux as I'm calling it is progressing, but far from finished. As inspiration to you and to me, I've collected a few other bloggers offices here for reference. I hope you enjoy enjoy looking at these great work spaces.

First is Fabulous Fifi as seen in her post here
I just love the use of Black & White for that French feel. And Fifi is Oh so French.

Next is Sadie Olive her office is here
I love her use of romantic elements, and metal baskets baskets etc. She highlights some of the items she sells in her on-line store. I really like the way she framed numbers and words as art for her walls. Inexpensive and classy.

Last is Garden Antiques here
I don't know how she gets any work done in this beautiful space. Love her use of found objects. It has that sweet romantic feeling that she shows in her booth spaces.

Well those are some of my inspiration offices. Hope you enjoy the eye candy.
Happy Saturday

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pretty cottage Quilt

I found this pretty quilt today at a Garage Sale. I bought it to re-sell, but I just can't decide. I'm not into pink and have no real cottage theme in my house, but this is just priceless. The binding has a little wear, but there are no stains or holes. It's been freshly laundered and smells just wonderful. As a quilter I know the love and work that goes into something like this and I may just have to hang onto it for awhile. If I do decide to sell it, It will be hard to part with.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Prettying up my office

Yesterday I talked about wanting to make my office a little more attractive. Right now it's white walls, and gray, white and black furniture (particle board with melamine over), and I'm pretty much stuck with that. So I decided that I'd try what I could to pretty it up. I went to the Office Depot and bought some pretty folders and dividers that they have now (with the back to school stuff), and some colorful cardboard magazine holders. Then I went to the craft store and got some pretty papers in the same color family. After playing a bit, I came up with these ideas of what to do with this wonderful stuff.

These are the Magazine boxes. I added some of the pretty paper to the front to spice them up a bit. Just a 3" square on each box and I think it made a world of difference.

Now for the notebooks. These are books that have information that I reference everyday so they need to be kept handy. I cut little strips of the pretty paper and inserted it into the binding side of the ones that had the clear strip. I also used a coordinating folder, for some loose papers I need to keep handy. The 2 boxes I already had, I just added the "Etc and Misc" tag inserts.

Here's the whole shelf now.

Now for the pesky, ugly folders I have all over the place. I found that if I cut and glue a piece of "pretty paper" to the fronts it really dresses them up. There is one I did in the first picture above, and one here.

I changed out the Maroon crock that I had paper clips in for this Green one, to match the colors I seem to be going with.
Then on the other side of this Computer organizer shelving unit I decided to dig some things out of my drawers and put them on display.

That is just a few of the ideas I've worked on this week.
I plan to paint at least one wall in here in the near future, and maybe two walls. It's real hard to paint with so much computer stuff to move around.

Check my web page "quick project" Tomorrow, for a neat bulletin board idea that I've done recently.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My craft project for the day

I've been seeing a lot of white ceramic pottery with black letters and numbers on them. Also signs and tags made like this. I've been looking for something I could use to make some for myself and Today I found it. At a local Craft store they had plain White flat Ceramic Christmas ornaments, meant for you or your kids to decorate for the tree. Well these looked like large ceramic tags to me and so I got a few. They were only $1.00 ea. I brought them home and began to play. So far I've made this little sign for my Dishwasher.

Functional and cute!!!! I also got some quotes with a love theme, that are on clear sticker and I thought about doing some cottage signs with these same items. They have stars and hearts as well, So the possibilities are endless.

I'm also working on beautifying my office at work. I've been inspired by Fifi's blog and the pictures of her office
that are in Romantic country magazine this month. I'll have pictures of my office later, but for now let's just say I had fun today buying pretty papers and folders. Some of the projects I've come up with will be on my web site in weeks to come.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Father used to say

My Father used to say if you can't make up your mind, "Flip a coin and see if you like the toss". Well I guess that is what I did when I asked everyone to vote on how I should paint this item.

It kept reminding me of an ice box, and I thought if I painted it cream, it would look more like an ice box than a side table. So I know the voting was mostly for Cream, but I guess I just wanted green. So that is what I did, I painted it green. Please don't disown me. Here is the final result.
To make the applique stand out, I painted it white first, and then distressed the green to show some of the white through. To finish it off I added a glass knob and a key plate.

I did paint the inside Cream though.

So thanks for voting, the decision to go against the vote was a hard one, but it did help me make up my mind, which was the point I guess.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nice Matters

I have received the Nice Matters Award from Garden Antiques News

The mission of this tag is pick 7 blogger friends with this award.
What a hard job,
I've decided to pick the following, in no particular order.
1. Katie's Rose Cottage

2. Fabulous Fifi

3.Roses Petite Maison

4.T2T world of AJ

5. Linda's Blue Gate

6. Grinnin Gramma

7. Tina's Cherry Hill Cottage

Please visit these wonderful bloggers and get to know them. They have great inspiration and ideas.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Today's Find

Take a look at what I found at an estate sale today.

I just love the shape and color, I don't think I'll have to do anything to it, I just love it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ebay Items Close out

I want to thank all my customers for a wonderful Ebay Summer Selling season. And to let you know that I am going to be wrapping up my Ebay sales in the next few weeks.
I will be spending the rest of the summer preparing for my Barn Sale. More items will only be listed as the raw materials
become available but the "finding" season is coming to a close. So this may be your last chance
to pick up Finials or framed shelves, shutter shelves and similar items for awhile.
I'll also be re-listing several unsold items from prior auctions so keep checking for a few weeks while I clear it all out.

Never Fear, though, As I make more stuff I'll be listing it, I'm just going to slow down on the hunting and the making for awhile. I don't want to get burned out you know.

I will continue to update my Magazine and Ideas pages though so not-to-worry.

So Stick with me for more great ideas, and Barn Sale updates.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Butterflies, Elephant Ears, and a New Store

I've been watching butterflies scurrying around a certain set of bushes in my back yard for several days now. I finally decided to go out and TRY to get some pictures of them.
Now my camera is not made for catching this type of photo but I feel I got some good ones to share.
First my Yellow Friend, his marking were just fantastic

This picture does not do him justice.

Next is my subtle green friend

Not so much at first glance, but look closely at the green markings on the lower portion of his wings. My favorite color and in a great shade of sage.

These little guys did not want to be photographed and moved from flower to flower quite quickly.

Now for my elephant ears. With all the rain and humidity we've had this year, My elephant ears are in elephant ear heaven. I snapped this pic and then put my hand on one of them for perspective.

I told you, they are loving this weather

Now for the great new store and Friend.
Visit Lori at
Katie's Rose cottage If you are into romantic or cottage decor this is the place for you.

She also keeps a blog that you can read here

Check it out, you might just find something you've never seen before.

Tell her that Margo Sent ya.

I'm off to watch the butterflies

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Flea Market Finds

DH wanted to go to First Monday today so who am I to argue. I knew it would be hot and we would not stay long, but I was up for it. I found a few good things, mostly it's what I found in the trash out there that was great. I guess the dealers didn't want to haul some of this stuff back so they just trashed it. I found these picture frames in one trash can, I always need wood frames.

And then I found this great Lamp pole in another trash can

I love it when People throw good stuff away :)

Now for my purchases:
I got this thing for rubber stamps, I think I'll make some sort of jewelry holder with it.

On the way out I found a great split oak basket for 1/2 off (I'm a sucker for baskets), and I also got metal keys and hooks which I desperately needed.
It did get very hot and we were only there for a couple of hrs. DH went for the Lemonade and funnel cake.
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