Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time to Fluff

Time to get back to fluffing my space at Winnie & Tulula's. It's been 3 weeks since I've been up there and It was in a sad sorry state. Stuff was strewn hither, thither, and yon.

I brought in new stuff from near (Canton) and far (Arkansas) and
even farther (Minnesota).

I even sold a piece that I've been wanting to move out while I was there.

Come on by and see what's new, not just in my space but in everyone's spaces.

Winnie & Tulula's
is the place to be.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trick Or Treat

Trick or Treat, Gigi says, "Margo's got some fun Bones Flash Cards for your Halloween Decorating."

Each card measures 4.25x5.5 inches, on card stock

Just 6.25 for a set of 5.
Click here for my etsy listing.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bonanza Projects

This is a collection of fun projects that I found at the Bonanza. I was not always good at jotting down whose space I found them in, so if you know who they belong to please let me know and I'll give full credit.

Old books turned into unique photo frames, made by the gals at Painted Porch inLaCrosse WI." The key is finding just the right title"

Flowers made from softball skin
by Sarah (Seasons in Carver)

Old Car handles used on a boys dresser found at the Bachman's Idea House.

Round Barn Potting Co. had this fun barbed wire junk tree above and this beautiful junky arrangement below.
by Lori Miller of Round Barn Potting Co

Love these Chenille Pumpkins

West end Salvage always has fun stuff like this coffee table above.

And this one is just for fun.

I hope you found some inspiration, and be sure to LMK if you know who I should credit on some of these projects, or if I got any of the credits wrong.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spotted at the Bonanza

One of the things I love about going to the Junk Bonanza every year is meeting up with friends

Me with Valerie of the Red Shed. She lives only 1 hr from me but I have to go to Minnesota to see her :) Photo courtesy of Valerie

It's so nice to be able to visit with ladies who "get it".

Me with Lynette of Cottage Elements, pic taken by Jill

Photo's were being taken everywhere I went, and I've lifted a few off of other blogs to share with you. I didn't always have my camera at the ready so I'm thankful that others were smart enough to take pics.

Me trying to take a pic with the lens cap on, (it had been a long day) Photo by Gracie's Cottage

Me with my roommate Tamara from Australia, Photo by Gracie's Cottage

Tamara and I had great fun, I think we went to every function that was going on and even some that were unplanned :)
It's always fun to have a junkin buddy.

As you can see everyone has a great time at the bonanza, so if you can adjust your schedule you should plan on being there next year.

Be sure to pop over to the bonanza blog and click on the list of bloggers who are posting pics of their treasures, inspiration and fun times. There was way too much there for one person to share, but between us all, I think we've got it covered.

Monday's post --- Bonanza Projects!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Gresham Barn Sale-Last Day

Saturday is the last day for the Fall Gresham Barn Sale.
Many items are 25% off and there is lots left.
Here are a few pictures from Opening Night.

See you tomorrow for the bargains
click here for directions

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Recent Finds, from Junk Bonanza and other places

I know I have been slow at getting all my pics posted from the Bonanza, but Life is going 100mph right now. The Gresham sale is this week and I had to get my stuff priced and hauled out there, and I helped with opening night last night. Wow it was fabulous, and if you are local remember it goes on through Saturday so don't miss it. Here are pics of some of my Bonanza finds and some other treasures found elsewhere.

First the things I'm keeping.

My absolute favorite Bonanza find are these old bus sign rolls. These are authentic, not reproductions and while waiting for my box to arrive that I shipped from MN, I've been deciding where to hang my sign.

This is the perfect place I think. I even like the brown stain in the middle, makes it look authentic (as it is).

I also found 3 more retro glasses to add to my collection

Today I found this box of cap gun parts, Ohh the altered art possibilities.

This little vignette is a hodge podge of recent finds. The small clock, feeder box,
bus sign, red checkered trays, trouble light (in basket) and white cabinet are all from MN. Local finds are 2 stools, one is a great retro red & chrome, wash stand, vintage light fixtures, striped collapsing basket, B&W clock face & metal planter.

Back to bonanza finds, These are the items I brought home in my luggage.
Love the vintage christmas picks, There is a letter box slot, some metal tags,
bingo balls.

vintage Lamp

Beautiful Lodge Sashes

trinkets, metal numbers, music holder and a sweet silver purse.

That is the first part of my haul, I still have some more smalls to unpack and I'll post them next.

Don't forget about the Gresham Sale!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bachman's Fall Idea House

The Bachman's Idea house is just next to the Bachman's Flagship store in Minneapolis. Ki has been under contract with Bachman's for about a year now consulting with them about including vintage "junk" in their home decor department. In addition to this she has consulted on the Idea House. They have changed up the design for each season, and will be unveiling their Holiday House
in November.

Outside you are greeted by this beautiful Gazebo made from vintage chippy columns.
In the potting shed, there are lots of junk re-purposed items

Inside I was greeted by several other visitors from the bonanza and we posed for this picture. Pictured are Linda & Diane "The Barn Chicks" and Missy, Cassie, Andrea, & Lynette of Junk-Fest, and Tamara of Shabby vintage Junk.

Each room had a lot of great ideas for reusing "junk"

You could definitely see Ki's signature style in this house.

Love the wall art, and the lamp

What else would you use a tractor seat for, huh????

Loved this media room, numbers, globes and crates Oh my!

Extra rolls are handy :)

Great towel holders
This is only a small sampling of the projects in every room of this house. And the fun thing is, these projects are something everyone could do and it doesn't look kitschy.

As we were leaving, our new friends asked us to join them for lunch in the
Bachman's Bistro. Yes you can shop and EAT here, no need to leave.

We really enjoyed visiting and exchanging tips and stories. Can't wait to meet up again girls.

More Bonanza pics next post.
If you just can't wait, then hop over to the Junk Bonanza Blog. Jill is compiling a list of all bloggers who are talking about their JB trip.

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