Saturday, April 30, 2011

We are having a great time!!!!

One More chance to Meet Ki Nassauer, and have a good time to boot!

We are having a great time... and you have one more chance to come by and meet Ki.
You never know who else might show up.
(Girls Gone Junking Above, in all their ruffles and lace)

Our newest Tulula Head below. Can you say "Awwwww".
Get your books and magazines signed, and visit with the Junk Guru herself.
Today 11-4 at Sweet Peas and Winnie & Tulula's

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ki is here...American Idol and the Fall Issue

Ki arrived last night, and my goal was to get her back to the house in time for American Idol. To say that Ki is a Fan is an understatement! I know better than to ever call Ki during a show. I had some quick sandwich stuff ready to go and we ate in front of the TV.

Ki enjoyed filling me in on the singers and her favorites and we ranked each performance. I've never really been into AI but it is an entertaining show.

During commercial breaks she showed me some sneak peaks at the Fall issue of Flea Market Style. You are gonna LOVE IT!!!!!

We chatted into the night and had a great time.

Today we are off for some junking to secret places.

See you all tomorrow and Saturday at Winnie & Tulula's


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big week ahead

Ki is on her way and we've got big big plans. Most of our plans revolve around our Meet and Greets at Winnie & Tulula's Are you gonna be there????

Tonight, we watch American Idol, Ki's addicted.

Stay tuned for updates, and come see us at WT.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The adoption process

No... I'm not looking for a new baby, at least not the human kind.

For several months now I've been toying with the idea of getting one of these small little Italian Greyhounds (they run from 6-12 pounds average). For those who don't know, I've had the larger variety (65-70 pounds) in my home for 16 years and love them. But I'm missing the whole lap dog experience and had been in contact with my local IG rescue group.

I had put the idea on the back burner as my life always seems to be so hectic, knowing that one would probably just drop in my lap at some point and find me.

On Easter I found this note on the IG facebook page:

Good morning and Happy Easter Sunday. I wanted to post about a 11-12 year old female "Lisa" in KS that needs to come into rescue before the end of the month or the owner is planning to put her to sleep before her move. LLC rescue in KS has graciouly offered to transport her to Texas if we can find a foster home for her. Please let me know if you will open your heart and home to Lisa so we can her out of her current situation. Thank you! ~RT~
Well I lept with my heart... not my head and shot off an email as fast as I could. Look at that sweet face. Anyway, looks like I'm on the way to being a foster for this lovely lady and if we click I'm sure I'll be her forever home.

Before you judge the owner, just remember we don't know all the circumstances and they are working to find their pups new homes. Our goal with animal rescue is to rescue not judge.

So now we begin the process. There is the application, the phone interview, and the home visit.
I've often joked that pure breed rescue adoption is a kin to people adoption. Of course it's not, but they do want to make sure their dogs, who are already in rescue, don't get there again.

So probably in about 2 weeks, I'm gonna have a new addition to my family. I hope that she fits in with our other pooches and I can't wait for some cuddles. Am I crazy!!!

Will keep you posted.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today's find has already been Kidnapped

So I'm heading down the road, innocently on my way to Winnie & Tulula's today, when a "Yard sale" sign appears out of nowhere. My bumper is attracted to these signs and there is no way to keep my car from following them, So I just go with it. As I'm digging through boxes of old stuff, that has been boxed for who knows how long I spy this gem.
Isn't she beautiful!!!!

Upon my arrival to WT show it to Gloria to ask her advise on pricing, and before I know it... she's telling me where in her lovely store, she'd love for me to place it.

So I give it a quick clean up, wack a price on it and place it in her "library".

Isn't this piece wonderful, I think she found it at Round Top... as it appeared in the store just after she arrived back. Oh the possibilities!! It's a pretty big piece though and You'd need a nice sized space for it, but how lovely it is. And doesn't my clock look just grand on top!!!!

Oh and BTW Are you planning on coming to Winnie & Tulula's for one of Ki's two Appearances? (or both if you'd like), Next weekend.
That's right, its just a week away.

See blog for details

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hwy 80 Sale Part 2 the vintage clothing

I'm certainly no expert on vintage clothing, but I knew this box was a treasure when I saw it.
first the shoes, 4 pr and 2 bonnets

an old muff that is fabulous with a built in purse, one side is fur the other is smocked. A great old crochet hand bag,
2 beautiful old babies bonnets, very delicate
And a bag of hand made lace. Note inside says it won first prize for hand made lace in 1898, wow!!! picture does not do it justice. There were also various bits of under garments, and a heavy dress. I'm very pleased.
It was a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hwy 80 finds

A friend and I headed out Friday afternoon for the Historic Hwy 80 sale. It's pretty close to our town and we chose a 30mile stretch of it for shopping I got most of this stuff there, but a few items came from other sales this week. It's been a good junking week!!!! Pic Above is a little blury but I'll see if I can clear things up. First the Frog, I don't normally go for stuff like this, but he just called to me with his fun and bright retro vib. he's actually a bank. Love the pink child's chamber pot. close up of smalls below. A whole can of these faucet handles, some metal thingies (from the gresham barn sale), rulers and...
Musical flash cards
That's the smalls, now for the larger pieces See pic below for details, click to enlarge.
And then there is the box of vintage clothing, thats for the next post...
Smalls appearing soon on Etsy,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Refreshing the Front Porch

I love my Southern Front Porch. Every year here in East Texas we get what we call "the pollen". It's a dusting of yellow that covers everything for about a month from Mid March to Mid April. If you wash your car one day, it's covered in yellow powder the next.
I wait until after "the pollen" every year and then I give my front porch a nice power wash, and it NEEDS it.
This year I used the opportunity to rearrange some of my junkified goodies as well. I began to realize I had accessorized my porch, almost completely with 2nd hand finds.
The table above was made with a reclaimed window and legs. The bird house from old shutters and reclaimed bits and pieces. The rockers, you guessed it, a garage sale, Even the hanging pots came from a garage sale. The window green house was made from reclaimed windows by Linda Smith on Etsy here.
The table inside the green house also a marriage of Garage Sale goodies.
The angel below made from an old table leg and reclaimed trim bits.
On the other side of the porch, old burlap sacks make the pillow covers on the swing, even the little blanket was a junkin find.

I so enjoy it when I can see all my hunting and gathering come together like this.
I still need some more plants, but I'm plum tuckered out right now.

Heads Up
Junk Bonanza Early Bird tickets just went on sale. Yeah!
For details check out the Junk Bonanza Blog.
Hurry, cause the first 250 tickets ordered get the cool JB canvas tote!

Friday, April 15, 2011

A junk-elicious wedding

Recently, My son, the wedding photographer, had the opportunity to shoot a fabulous wedding. The bride was beautiful of course, but the reception and wedding decorations were absolutely junk-fabulous. Take a look, I stole this from his blog. His words, in red below

When I showed up at Bari’s reception site at Stone Oak Ranch the entire place was decorated with vintage bird cages, individually arranged tablescapes and details galore. I spent the first hour capturing everything she created, from a cigar bar to a memory tree. The bride did most of the work herself, with a little help from her friends.

Bari used Etsy, Style me Pretty, and her own incredibly artistic vision to create the decorations for the reception hall. Take a look at the amazing details and scroll down for more of the wedding action.

This wedding and reception was absolutely beautiful and so inspiring to me. I'm in charge of the reception decor for a wedding at the end of May and am oh so anxious about it. I'm sure it will turn out OK, and this wedding has inspired me so much. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ki Nassauer is coming to Sweet Peas and Winnie & Tulula's

Mark your calendars, click the flyer above for a full sized image with all the info. Or go to our blog here for full details.
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