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Monday, April 30, 2012

Photographer Wanna be

When I was in my 20's I actually took up photography. But I got discouraged with my skills and put it all away for many years. Then along came digital, and a Son who is a Photographer, and blogging, and my interest has been sparked again. Before my trip I purchased a new camera on the advise of my son and I am in love with it. I snapped over 400 pics on my Paris trip and wanted to share a few of the "art photo's" with you. I hope you enjoy, Paris through my eyes.

Metro station bench chairs

Water fountain, fill your water bottle from the center stream.

Flea Market treasures

Someone had fun with this sign

Shutter holder

It's hard to take a "bad" photo in Paris

Friday, April 27, 2012

Marche' aux Puces Marche' aux Puces St. Ouen Market

The day began early, as we gathered at a nearby coffee shop and waited for our interpreter guides.
Jodie and Forest, Both American's living in Paris would be our guides for the day.

The market is a maze of alleys, but they are all numbered and the booths are numbered as well, so It's fairly easy to navigate.

There are treasures crammed into every corner
Loved this space, but the prices were a bit high in this one.
I was on the hunt for a french camera for my son the photographer

Smiling because of what I just found :)
Val wanted this little guy, but he would not fit in her luggage.

I forgot my camera on the next day's market, so check out

Also please see my additional Paris post on the Flea Market Style Blog.
Au revoir

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paris-The Goods

OK, I figured out how to switch to the old version of blogger. I sure hope they get the bugs fixed before they require all of us to be on the new version. How did I get so lucky to be a "tester" of the new interface?

Shopping day one goods above, each with a story of it's own. Below, close up of the smaller items. Lots of ephemera in there as well.
Shopping day 2 smaller flea market, where the vendors sold out of the backs of their vans.
click photo for a closer look, See that lovely tattered mini umbrella, that was my first purchase, and It's so cute. So much wonderful stuff.
Shopping day 3 I tagged along with Val to a resale shop. She found some great linens and I scored this canister set.

Keep pile, Since I took this shot, I realize that there is more that I am keeping, like the "dog race" game board.
Love my green iron scale, and the coat rack, see below for the label on the coat rack that "sold" me on this piece.

Tiny little purses, and keys, package carriers from old department stores and an enamel thermometer.
Label on the coat rack, Isn't if fabulous.
I'll be posting more photos of the trip in the days to come.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

How to move when living in paris

 First hire these guys

 Who have this amazing lift that goes up to your balcony. They put everything on the lift and down it goes
 wave at the crazy american girl across the street
 unload it from below
Ohh that's quite a trip.
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