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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mixing styles, Country meets industrial meets mid century modern

 I love to change things up...often. Hubby doesn't understand this,he's an engineer. A chair is a chair, it serves a purpose, a pillow is a pillow it serves a purpose. But as a friend recently said to me. My "rooms are like my canvas" and I like to paint on my canvas. 

 I've been through several phases in my adult years. Everything from awful 80's pastel peach, to 90's froo froo country with wooden toys and framed doilies.  In the past 10 years or so I seem to have found some sort of direction.  However, some of the things I thought I would love forever and never part with seem to be loosing their luster, and I'm hankering for a change again.  The problem however, is that my furniture is still in great shape and I'm a practical person .who is not one to throw away, or give away a perfectly good piece of furniture, that I still like in some way.  So I revert to the soft furnishings for my changes. Pillows, side tables, lamps etc.
  I decided to play with one little corner of my office/study to show you what I mean.  First we have a traditional country type of display.  I just grabbed what I had handy and threw it together. A Wood Slat basket, is  a staple of country design (maybe not with shoes in it though),  I place it beside the big club chair that will remain in place, which is a very traditional type of furnishing, and typical of the large pieces in my home. Everything else in the photo will remain unchanged, except the blanket left there to add a warm country feel. So there is look number one, and probably the way this area has looked for many years. 

 Now for a slightly industrial update
 No much has changed, except I have an industrial stool beside the chair, and an an industrial lamp. No blanket on the chair, and only a few little changes to the other items. The rest of  this area, seen below. Shows  my missiong style desk/table with a nice vintage wood and metal school/office chair.   This is how I've lived for the past 5 years or so in my migration from traditional country, to an industrial country look.

And now I'm migrating from industrial to a bit more mid century by adding some color and fun touches here and there.
What has changed?  The side table is the biggest defining object in this space now. The wool blanket has been updated with a more colorful version, as has the reading lamp (soon to be painted an red/orange color). 
Below is a slightly wider angle with a bit of my desk, and my fun fiberglass bucket chair in bright orange. There are of course little touches here and there like the choice of books on the various side tables, and small accessories in that old telephone architectural piece that I love.
The sad part is that all of these accessories were close at hand and shows that I need to do a bit more editing around my house.  

I am doing pinterest research on how to combine styles, and if you want to follow along as I pin go here.
I have a long way to go and hope to have lots of fun getting there.

FMS Collectors Book

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Friday, October 4, 2013

A Greyt Gift from Amy of Whisperwood Cottage

At the Bonanza I was surprised, when dealer/friend, Jane, kept telling me she had something for me. Something from Amy of Whisperwood Cottage, But she wasn't sure where it was exactly, and I should come back later, but I kept forgetting. Each time I'd come around to Jane's booth, she'd say "I've got something for you, don't leave till I get it". So finally she pulled it out from under a table in her space.
To my shock,  It was the top of a vintage wooden Greyhound Wagon.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor (due to happiness) I was able to admire this wonderful old wagon top, and it's so many possibilities.  I love the greyhound graphics on the sides and the metal industrial brackets, they probably held  wooden rails ( long ago lost).
 I cannot say "thank you" to Amy enough. She obviously knows me well enough to know I love Greyhounds, have had several and currently have two. A full sized sweetie and my timid Italian Greyhound. Those standing around began to speculate on different uses for this fabulous item. A bench, a table, Use the rails to hang leashes, and then I thought, a "dog bed".


It may become some of those other things later, but today I quickly made it a dog bed for Lisa to model. All it took was some padding and blankets. If you know greyhounds, you know they will lay down wherever there is padding!

It's a bit too small for Juno the full sized greyhound.
 Or maybe not!!!!

Thank you Amy, I absolutely love it and appreciate you thinking of me.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The unusual and out of the ordinary

I love finding things that I have never seen before, That is what gets my heart pumping.  As a matter of fact, it's what I am always looking for.

When I saw this cabinet I knew it was special.  Why you ask? 
Each of those drawers came out, hung down as bins.
  Now that is different. If I had not been traveling by air, I would have scooped this one up.
  It sold as I was standing there.

And what is this you ask????  Some sort of optician eye exam equipment.  Also never seen before.

And this lovely item was seen at Hunt and Gather. Do you know what it is?  I would have loved to have brought it home.  
It was a bit out of my price range though. I'm still wishing I could have brought that cabinet home.
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