Monday, April 3, 2017

New Leather items to Organize your life

I think I'm obsessed about Leather.  The way it looks, feels and smells. It's a fun material to work with and so I've added a Leather Goods section to my Etsy shop and I'm venturing into making various fun Leather Accessories to list.

If you  know me you know I love to be organized, and these are great to keep your stuff together. 

Made of quality leather (I finally found a good supplier), These work great to keep various items like pens, pencils handy and with your journal, planner, Bible, sketch book etc. Leather wraps around cover and/or several pages, can be used inside as a place marker or outside as a holder. And looks great at the same time.  Just $19-$25 depending on which style you want.

Color and Hardware choices

Below is the one I use in my planner.
This is not the first time I've ventured into leather Goods. I've been making and wearing jewelry made from leather for awhile now . You can find some in my Etsy shop in the Leather Goods Section.  I hope to expand into planners and organizers etc. I've got a head full of ideas I just need time to work them all out.

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