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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The deals I passed up

Well DH and I decided to brave the heat and spend a few hours in Canton at First Monday Trades Days. I knew we wouldn't be there long, but thought "I can brave the heat for awhile". It's amazing what I can endure when I'm junking. So off we went. One of our first stops was for something to drink. DH got a Lemonade and me... Sweet Tea of course.

then I handed the camera to him and said, "here take some pictures".

"This is a cool tractor"

"Huh! I can't hear you"

"robot parts" This is a family joke. Whenever I go junking my DH always says "look for robot parts" and He's serious.

Here's where things get a little difficult. You see I drive a small Mitsubishi. You'd be amazed how much junk I can actually fit into my little car, but there is a limit. DH asked if we wanted to take the truck. I said "no, it'll keep me from getting anything big" Famous last words.
You know I love scales. Well when I spotted this.

I just had to ask how much it was. The guy said "you're not gonna believe it, but I'll sell it to you for $50." Well my jaw just about dropped and I was speechless, thinking he was kidding, but he wasn't. This is when I realized it might have been a mistake to drive my little car. Then I asked about another item he had that I knew i could fit in my car and it was $250. I looked at him funny and then it hit me. "you don't want to carry it home, do you?" Well I had it pegged. That sucker is heavy and he didn't want to lug it around any more. Well I had no choice but to walk away.

Here's another cool item that was only $25 but I had to leave it behind.

See, you would mount a typewriter on it, and when not in use, it just folded up out of the way.

Cool!!!! I love old office equipment and supplies. And it was only $25. As DH said, "It's at least worth that in firewood alone."

Well here is what I didn't pass up.

Love this sign. See the little porch off of the left side, and the chimney.

I actually picked these 2 doll carriages up at a garage sale on the way. I've got a couple of projects in store for them. Love the wheels.

Robot Parts?

This is some sort of tie holder, the metal piece flips forward a bit, and the part at the top is a frame for your picture.

Broom holder, nice and chippy

Cistern Bucket, I've got an idea for this too.
Well there you have it, my day in Canton, and the deals I passed up.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some new things in my store

I thought I'd take a moment to talk about some things that I have for sale. I've got lots of Ephemera, neat old items, coupon books, pictures, post cards, etc.

If you are into old paper items, hop on over to my ephemera page and see if there's anything you like.
I've added several China swags to my China items for sale.

This one features some old lace.

This is an old light fixture that I've turned into a candle holder

You can find it on my Flea Market Finds Page.

Have you seen these giant clock hands

I've got 2 sets for sale, also on the Flea Market Finds Page.

I've got a couple of large Table Leg Angels

on this page

So spend some time in my store, you never know what you might find.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fab Finds, and Projects from The Red Shed

I promised I'd show you what I got at the Red Shed and what I did with it, so here ya go.
I picked up this wonderful old chippy screen. In a beautiful shade of blue.

Actually this is the back of it, because I've already started working on it. I've added a couple of shelves. I'm sure I'll do something more, and I'll need to paint the shelves, but you can see where I'm going with this project.

And I picked up a couple of these spindles, I can always use spindles. These have a real pretty shape.

And my favorite find were these hooks with numbers on them.

I attached them to this old chippy cabinet door frame that I had, I added a glass knob and put some empty frames in the spaces. I love how it turned out.

I was talking to Christy from Oklahoma (see post below) when I spotted these hooks on a window sill. I had that Ah-Ha moment and couldn't snatch them up fast enough. Then I asked Michelle if she had any more and she brought out the 7. After I mounted them I realized I had a 2,4,and 7 for 24-7. Very appropriate for mom's, who are always on duty 24-7.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun at the Red Shed

When I moved 4 years ago. I found it easier to replace my Doctor than to replace my Hair Colorist.
So every 8-9 weeks I drive 2 hrs to Ft Worth to have my Highlights done. I've started scheduling this for the same Saturday that the Red Shed Girls have their sale. 2 Birds with 1 stone kind of thing. And with the price of gas, I like to have more than 1 reason to travel to the Metroplex. I arrived at the Red Shed around 10:30, they open at 8:00. So the early birds had already flocked in and out, but I knew that when I decided that I was NOT going to leave home at 6:00am. First thing I did was to find Michelle, Michelle, and Val and say Hi, then to the bathroom. Then time to shop. I love the way they have things set up, so sweet and pretty.

I found a few things that I'll talk about later, but I had the most fun just visiting with like-minded folks. And talking about our upcoming trip to the Junk Bonanza and other fun things we'll do while in Minneapolis. Then I hear someone calling my name and I turn around. There is this cute little gal reminding me of her screen name on the HGTV board. Her name is Carol she and her sister had driven down from Oklahoma to come to the Red Shed Sale. Of course I have to introduce her to Val and the Michelle's and pictures were taken. We visited with Carol awhile and she got some great items.

From L to R Carol, me, Valerie, Michelle and Michelle Jones.
And in case you missed it, Michelle Jones was a winner of a contest to get a project in Country Home Magazine. Unfortunately due to Magazine issues, her projects were cut at the last minute, but they have been featured on their web site here.
I had to leave around 12:30 for the hair thing, and then back to Tyler. On my way home I took the Hwy 19 exit towards Canton. And there just on the right was Laurie Anna's New Store. I had been reading about it online, but didn't realize it was just right there. So I make a U-turn and pop on it. It's getting close to 5:00 by now, but I introduce myself and we hug and I look through the store and visit with Laurie for awhile.

Now you all know how I love clocks, But I also like oversized and undersized objects. I'll have to show you my 5' scizzors someday, Yep I said 5 foot scizzors. Anyway, I just love this giant pocket watch, and may just have to get it.

Most of Laurie's stuff is new, with Antiques here and there for display. Laurie's wonderful at picking out things that are just to die for. Great and unique items for the home.
She's got a wonderful eye for display and her store is just one eye-popping display after another. And such cute things. I encourage you to stop by her place if you are ever
that direction. And she had some Pineapple punch there, that was sooo good. Laurie I need that recipe.
So that was my day. I'll show you my finds and projects later this week.
Here are a couple of great ideas that I picked up at the red shed.
First is from Michelle Jones and she's taken some curtain tie backs, mounted them on the wall to hold a book.

That is a great idea if you have a special book, you want to turn into wall art.

I also loved this item.

I don't know which one of the girls came up with it, I'm loving what I'm seeing done with Lamp shade frames. So many display possibilities. I should start a page with just lamp shade frame ideas. :)

FYI: Ki Nassauer is having a contest over on her blog, Pop over there and enter.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Tour Continues

I'm going to conclude my Central Texas Antiquing tour today with multiple stops, all over the map.
I learned a lot about documenting this type of thing, like, Take a picture of the sign when you go in a store, then take a picture of everything you bought just before leaving. Because it is impossible to remember a week or even a couple of days later. :) That said, I'm going to post some pictures from several different stores, and there is a list at the bottom. the truth is I can't seem to remember which pictures are of which store.
The picture above is from a store pretty close to my home, and on Hwy 31, Just drive s on 31 from Tyler through Chandler and you can't miss it. It's either Wagon Wheel in Murchison, or Lindy in Malakoff.

I loved the color of this table, and how it looked with the bed

The pictures above are of a coffee table made out of an old wheat thrasher. Good thing it has that glass top on it. Those blades look dangerous.

This is an interesting way to display gloves and hankies.

I love different ways to use old locker baskets

and bird cages

Here's some of what I got, see something you like? It's probably for sale.

Love these French flash cards.
here's the list of stores
Wagon Wheel, in Murchison TX
2nd Street Emporium, Temple TX
Rough & Ready, Georgetown
Cobblestone Upstairs Downstairs, Georgetown, TX
If you are ever in these cities, be sure to stop by.
Lessons Learned.
1) It doesn't matter how cute my new bag is, it's a hassle to carry. Use Hip Bag instead. Leave cute bag in the car.
2)I already mentioned the picture taking strategy
3) Leave Husband behind (sorry dear)

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