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Monday, April 3, 2017

New Leather items to Organize your life

I think I'm obsessed about Leather.  The way it looks, feels and smells. It's a fun material to work with and so I've added a Leather Goods section to my Etsy shop and I'm venturing into making various fun Leather Accessories to list.

If you  know me you know I love to be organized, and these are great to keep your stuff together. 

Made of quality leather (I finally found a good supplier), These work great to keep various items like pens, pencils handy and with your journal, planner, Bible, sketch book etc. Leather wraps around cover and/or several pages, can be used inside as a place marker or outside as a holder. And looks great at the same time.  Just $19-$25 depending on which style you want.

Color and Hardware choices

Below is the one I use in my planner.
This is not the first time I've ventured into leather Goods. I've been making and wearing jewelry made from leather for awhile now . You can find some in my Etsy shop in the Leather Goods Section.  I hope to expand into planners and organizers etc. I've got a head full of ideas I just need time to work them all out.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Turn an old leather bag into a backpack without damaging the bag

For this project I used an old Leather Coach Willis Bag, but any bag with top rings will work.
My bag was missing it's crossbody strap. With this alteration technique it can be worn as either a crossbody (above) , or a backpack (below).
 I attached a jump ring, in a rectangle shape to the bottom of the bag.  You'll need a piece of scrap leather and a rivet.  I got the jump ring from another old bag, Re-purpose as much as you can on this project
 At the bottom I'll have a supplies resource list. 
I inserted the hole needed for the rivet through and between the stitches at the bottom of the bag. The rivet can be removed later if desired, and the bag will return to it's prior condition.  I used an awl to coax the stitches apart just enough to insert the rivet shaft. (you could also use a small screwdriver to coax the stitches apart).
 I used a couple of old belts (again re-purposing)  to make a long strap that can be separated using  head button studs to fit it to the size you desire.  I placed the studs 2" apart on one belt and punched holes 2" apart on the other. 

I attached the straps to the top rings with rivets, this could also be done with the Ball Studs to make it fully detachable.

You'll need some specialized equipment to do this.  Here are links to the items used via
Leather scraps, jump rings, belts, all found or thrifted.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Announcing new issue of Flea Market Style Spring 2017 Cover Reveal

Now ready for pre-ordering, Spring 2017 issue

Go here to order
Will be mailed in early February

Back issues also available, New condition, found in a warehouse, No longer available at stores.
(Note Covers on some may be slightly less than perfect, usually just a slight fold at the corner). Choose from the drop down menu below.
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