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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Up-cycle an old File box into a writers box


Up-cycle an old File box into a writers box. Perfect project for  the Paper Addict.

You've seen these before

First I cleared out all the files and hardware inside the box.

Then I glued some decorative paper to the lid backing, and glued some Leather organizer pockets that I'd removed from an old brief case.

A couple of pieces of leather strap hold the lid in an upright position so it won't fall all the way back. 
Room for everything

 and it's portable.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Cast Iron Pan, Not just for hitting people over the head with

New series of videos going up on my YouTube channel.

I'm continuing a series of videos on "my favorite things". I'm focusing on items that are of quality and  are durable, that I use on a daily basis in my life.  "Buy once, Cry once"  LOL
  Anyway this  video is about my love of Cast Iron Pans.  Be sure to check out my other Favorite Things Videos when you are done with this one.  Buy Once for Life

Monday, June 10, 2019

My new Etsy Space, Studio Tour

I finally  have my Etsy room Set up.

First a look back...

Up to now I've had product stored in a barn, garage, under tarps, and inside in various closets.

I've had several set ups for photography. Mostly I was either hot or cold unless I set things up indoors.


Shipping was either done at  work or at home in my computer room.

But not any more. I'd like to introduce you to my New, All-in-one...

Etsy Room and Studio!!!!


With a place for goods

And for shipping supplies

And a bench for shipping, photos, and projects

Of course I've incorporated Vintage and re-purposed items wherever I can

A place to process in new finds

And lots of room for ...

I'm so very happy with this space, and am so glad to have it all in one place. It will be so much easier to keep everything clean and in good condition while it waits for it's new home. And maybe I won't have as much trouble finding something once it sells. ;)
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