Monday, September 29, 2008

What's Next?

Well it's all done, and loaded back in the barn. What's next you ask? Well The Gresham Barn sale is in a few weeks, so I'm pricing stuff for that sale, then have to get the items over there. I'm also working on a few other small projects. I've got One above, I'm collecting pictures of architecture and I'm trying to get a complete alphabet. I hope to have them available for framing. You could make your name or any word you want. I'm a long way from having all the letters though.
And I may not sell them at all, I may just use them on my web site and here just for fun. It's amazing how you start looking at architecture, and junk when you are looking for letters.

At this point, I'm tired of hauling furniture around, and don't even want to think about going junking. I'm sure this will pass.
Have a great week.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Last Day

Well I can say my sale was a success. I learned a few things, made some new friends, and had a wonderful time. That said, I'm glad it's over for another year (unless I decided to do it in the spring, but I think my Husband would kill me).
This is a card holder that I made for myself.

We also sold some of our personal items at the sale. And one of those items was a futon. I don't know if you've ever tried to carry a futon mattress, but it is one of the hardest things to do. They are bulky, heavy, and awkward. It usually takes at least 2 people and then it's never easy. Well this guy came to pick up the futon his wife bought, and look what he was able to do.

Let me just say, I was more than a little impressed. And I invited him back at 3:00 to help me load my stuff back into the barn. But he didn't show up-imagine that.

Also, one of my helpers brought a few things by and I fell in love with these folding chairs.

and just had to have them. I got 4 of them. I had just sold the Futon and they were less than what I got for it, and take up less space so I figure I came out ahead in the dollars and space issue. Wish DH would see it that way too. Out with the old old, in with the New Old.
That's it in a nutshell. I'll spend my Sunday resting, doing laundry, and SLOWLY Loading stuff back into the barn. I feel a little less burdoned by things and my wallet is a little bit fatter.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 2

It was another good day today. Not as many buyers today, lots of "garage salers" and I didn't have what many of them were looking for. But I did get a few people who "got it" and was able to hit a $$$ milestone today. One more day to go and then I'm done.
Now I remember why I only do this once a year, it's a lot of work, but It's enjoyable work too. I really love meeting the people. and I'm glad some of my bigger items have found new homes, and I don't have to continue to store them.

One of the things I did this year was to set up an information table.
I have some tomboy tools brochures set out, and many have been picked up.

I have some textile soak for sale

and I have cards and maps of other local antique shops. And "sign up" slips for my every growing mailing list.

Another thing I did this year, was to make "idea cards" so that people would see the potential in certain items.

I've sold all my glove molds except this last one.
I'll give a final update tomorrow or Sunday, It's been fun, but I am very tired.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Barn Sale Day 1

It was the perfect day for a barn sale. Although I didn't have the line that I had last year at the gate at opening time. I had a steady stream of lookers all day. I hardly had time to sit down.
I really enjoyed visiting with everyone who came by and I always enjoy making new friends.
Betty M and Rebekah B drove 2 hours to visit me

And braved my parking nightmare (must park at street, and a short walk up hill) to visit me and found some treasures. Betty does mosaic work and found me from the Garden Web message board.
I met a blog reader Suzanna, who came by today, I really enjoyed meeting you Suzanna.
One of my best Customers, Starla, came by and bought some great items. Starla, I didn't get a picture of that message center, so I'll be contacting you for one soon. I like to have pictures of everything I make. Hope you don't mind :)
I enjoy all my customers, and especially enjoy visiting and learning about what they do, the ideas they ave etc. Everyone has been so nice. I can't wait until tomorrow.
Lots of local dealers came by, some I knew and some I didn't, and I enjoyed talking to each of them, and getting the 411 on the local antiques scene.

I had 3 helpers come in the morning. Penny, Nita and Brooke

Brooke took the pic so she is not in it. You can see Penny and Nita there on the far left in the pink and brown tshirts, I'm the one walking away in the black shirt. Thank you so much girls for coming out to help me. I hope I can re-pay the favor some day.

Like I said, it was a steady stream all day, with only short periods of rest between.

I told Nita and Penny that they could bring stuff if they wanted, to put in the sale.
Nita brought these humoungous Gords that she grew.

Look at the size of this one

And it's so beautiful. I told her it looked like a giant pear.

I must have injured myself yesterday somehow, and I sure feel it today. I guess I pulled something behind my knee, and walking down hill is hard, walking up hill is better. When I rest, it's worse, when I get up. Better not to rest I guess.
More tomorrow, have a wonderful fall day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Setting Up



I guess I'm no great merchandiser, but it is what it is, and I'm too dog tired to change any of it.
I still have signs to put out and flowers to put around.
My feet hurt.
More tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things are a mess around here

The above sign means The Barn is Full, and that is so true
the picture below was taken a few weeks ago, and it's not even the area where I store most of my stuff in the barn. It's a kinda "overflow area".

I have all my piles scattered throughout my house and barn, waiting for time to set up. Tomorrow at 1:00 I'm supposed to have my son and 3 friends here to help me move the bigger stuff (pray they show up). Then I'll have the rest of the day to merchandise (that's the fun part).
I'll be sure to post pictures. Then tomorrow evening, it's time to put up my signs, and then try to get some sleep. I hope people come, I hope they like what the see, I hope my prices are good. You know all that stuff. Mostly I want to have fun, meet people, and enjoy myself.
I'll be sure to keep you all posted with pictures and updates as I can.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Barn Sale

In the last post I had a few pictures of some things that will be available at my sale. As I gather it all together I am truly amazed at the amount of stuff I've got for this sale.

If you need something different and special for your walls, you might find something
at the sale (or I do ship most of these items.)

I've made a few of my luggage pocket wall hangings

This will be there

There will be a couple of 1/2 table shelves

Lots of shutter shelves

Wall pockets made out of misc Junk

I've made several of my china swags and I have 2 wreaths.

And these lovely Wheel things.

You can see more at my barn sale page and in my online store.
Hope to see you at the sale if you live nearby.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time to Shift Gears

Now that the Junk bonanza is over and I've gotten you all updated, it's time for me to shift gears and focus on my upcoming sale.
Margo's annual Barn sale will be this next weekend, September 25-27 , 8:00-3:00 each day.
I'll be set up under the 100 ft pine trees just outside my barn, for cool shade shopping. No rain is in the forecast as of this point.
I'll be offering lots of newly made items, Fun, Shabby Chic, and even many of the items I picked up at the Bonanza.
There will be a "fun and games" section with lots of great and colorful children and game related, & fun and funky stuff.

I'll have Architecturals

Lots of hand made items

And Cottage and Prim stuff as well.

too much to mention.
You can get a better preview of my sale by going on to my Barn Sale page

I'll be posting directions on Tuesday evening, on that page, but feel free to email me if you'd like them from a specific area. In general, I'm in Tyler Texas, on the west side. About 2 hrs from the DFW metroplex and 1.5 hrs from Shreveport. And if you are coming from Ardmore or Texarkana, It's about 3 hrs. I've been contacted by people from Canton, Texarkana and even Canada on how to get to my place.

If you come, be sure to introduce yourself to me. I love meeting online friends.
I'll be posting more as I get it set up and ready.
See you there.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What I got

All the stuff has arrived on the truck, and has been picked up. Here are pictures of most of what I got.

don't have a clue what to do with these cute drawers. Several of us picked these up. It will be interesting to see what everyone does with them.

See that rusty grain scoop, Project below

And here is something I've already made from my MN Junk.
I used the large rusty grain scoop and made this message center. I also got the hooks at the Bonanza. The clips are old perm roller clips. I've made 2 of these, each one different. They will be at my sale next week.

And the garden sign I put in my garden

Actually I think it's a temporary grave marker. It's got a glass insert and a lifting cover to change what is written inside. I like it as a garden marker though.
Well I guess that is pretty much it. I took lots of "idea" pictures that will be showing up as projects of the week in the future. So be sure to check the web site.

Update: you can see pic of what the others in our group got here.

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