Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday/Sunday Garage Sale

Time for another Blog Garage Sale
These sales are becoming quite the rage here in blog land. Not only has Mindy been doing it for several weeks (and can be credited for starting it), Cynthia has jumped on board with a Sat/Sun Sale. Be sure to go over to their blogs and see what they've got, after you shop mine of course ;)
If you see something you like email me. Just click the link "email me" and I'll work out the details with you. I prefer Paypal, but will accept Money Orders.

I've added shipping rate codes to each item, to give you a ballpark idea of what shipping will cost. Final shipping will be determined by your destination. See rate codes at the bottom of this post. When inquiring about an item, be sure to include your zip code.

Wonderful old enamel porcelain number signs or badge (only # 302 & 207 available). I believe these are hotel room door markers. Has a great shape and wonderful details. Has a hole at the top and bottom for screw attachment. 2.5" wide and tall. These are rare, so don't let this one pass you by. This item is old and has some discoloration around the edges, as one would expect from something that has been around awhile. $12.50 ea, Shipping rate code 1

Typewrite Hammer set $5.00. My project idea for this item, was to mount it to a board, and hang it on the wall as a shelf for a plate or a clock. Never could get excited about doing it though.

Shipping rate code will be the lower end of code 3

Bags of small wooden shapes, $1 for all, Shipping rate code low end of 3

Chippy Rusty plant holders.7.5" diameter at the opening, heart motif on the side. Shipping rate code 3, $12 ea

Country Style by Better Homes & Gardens, Hardcover with jacket.copyright 1987, measures 8.5x11, Lots of primitive interiors
Book in great condition $6.00, Shipping rate code 4

vintage Baby Clothes, (pink and blue only) $2 ea or $3 for both,
Shipping rate code 1

Glass Bubbles $3.00, Shipping rate code 3 Sold

unusual metal piece $4.00 shipping rate code 2

This is a great piece, from my latest trip to Canton. It's a plaque, not a a plate. It is thicker than a plate, and has built in hangers on the back. It has these delicate raised flowers on it and it has great cottagy glossy finish. All ceramic, Some of the petals are missing from the flowers, but it is still a stunning, dimensional piece. $15.00 shipping rate code 3

Also from Canton, this great old hanging thermometer. I've not even tried to clean it yet, I think the number would come off with some alcohol $8.00 shipping rate code 2

2 wooden game boards $8.00 for both shipping rate code 3

Another Canton piece
Old metal prescription box, 14.00 shipping rate code 3

Tell-Time Card from Milton Bradley. Hands move $3.00 shipping $1.00

Accordian wall mug display, great for mud room, towels etc
$4.00 shipping rate code 3-Sold

Empty metal clock case $4.00 Shipping rate code, lowest end of 3 Sold

Metal leaves $2.00 shipping rate code 2-Sold

Metal shelf $4.00 shipping rate code 3

great old metal storage box , originally used to sort adhesive letters for homecoming mums. It would be great to store and sort any number of small items, from jewelry to beads and buttons. measures about 11x14.5, has hinged lid, signs of age and use. $9 Shipping Rate code 3

This auction is for 2 wooden clock surrounds. $6

shipping rate code 3

3 restaurant ware plates. Each plate has blue line around the edge with the letter M. They are about 9" across ea. No Damage $7.00 shipping rate code 3

Abandoned project. This old mail box started life black. I was thinking of painting it white (which I did) to use as some sort of cottage accessory. Then I decided to go with red for maybe a Christmas display of some sort. I'm just tired of messing with it. Yours for only $3.00 Shipping rate code 3

Also from Canton
Old Car Jack, these make great and unusual candle holders. For a pic of one in a home setting, see Teresa's blog here and look at the 3rd picture down. $8.00 shipping code 3

This is an old ceiling lamp that needs work. I've tried to take lots of pictures for you to examine. It is not in the best shape, but if you are inclined to lamp repair, I'm sure you could make it beautiful again, or use it for parts. All metal, and original.
See pictures for measurements and details. $12.00 Shipping rate code 3

I've also made a Garage Sale page and a Flea Market Page on my web site for items from past sales that I still have.
check it out here and here.

Shipping Rate codes: The post office has raised it's rates substantially on packages. I will use either USPS or UPS depending on which is cheaper. On larger breakable items I always use UPS.
Rates are generally as follows, Rate codes are numbered.
1)Small paper or cloth items, can usually be sent in an envelope and will be, $3 or less to ship

2)Larger items, that will fit in a flat rate USPS box ( 8-5/8" x 5-3/8" x 1-5/8) will be $5.50 to ship.

3)Large or heavy items will be around $8-$12 to ship, depending on size, destination and weight.

4)Books can be sent via Media mail for between $3-$4.
I try to keep it all as inexpensive as possible.

Friday, February 27, 2009

More Canton Finds

Here are a few more items that I found in Canton
A great grate

Some shabby trim

This old door handle will be a project, stay tuned

I love this item, It's some sort of tube repair kit. I've cleaned it up as much as it's gonna clean up.

I just love all these compartments

This is a great old ferris wheel

And A whole bunch of vintage lace pieces, for projects

There is more, a couple of pieces will be up for
tomorrow's Blog Garage Sale,
so come back tomorrow morning at 8:00 am (central) when the Garage sale will begin.
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