Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Photo Fun-My Creative Space

Just to show how a good camera can make a difference in photo's here are some pics of the same spaces with 2 different cameras.

Above with a pocket camera, Below with a 35mm. I was able to get a much wider angle on the room.

Above Pocket Camera, Below 35mm Able to pick out more details

Above Pocket Camera, Below 35mm, better color and crispness

Now for some more fun shots from my creative space

I love to use old displays to keep my pretties out and easy to find

Basket full of perfume bottles

new use for my French Bottle Drying rack

I need to work on shadows. One step at a time.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photo Skills

My new years resolution this year was to work on taking better pictures. I've borrowed my husband's 35 mm camera, and with a little advise from my son, have started that process.
Here's just a little bit of my playing.

I thought that all these clean white rockers in my yard was just funny, Not real happy with the photo quality though. Working on focus and depth of field.
It is a fun picture though. It'd be better if the grass were green.

above and below, I'm getting the knack of the Depth of field (focus close up, blurry background) Turns out that not only is the f-stop important, but the object in focus needs to be pretty close up. That is why I couldn't get the rocker pic to work right.

Below, I took this for my web store, Shows a place setting and one of my chalk board tags used as a place marker.

The depth of field issue seems to be working in this pic

I'll keep working at it. I used to be into photography years ago in my 20's. I never quite got it all figured out, and then I just quit. Now with digital you can instantly see what you are doing right or wrong so it's easier. And it helps to have a photographer son that I can call for help.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Next Big Thing-We are in Trouble Now :)

A few months ago I found this book

I absolutely love it and I've talked about it before. One of the projects that inspired me, from the book, were the use of old trouble lights in the decor.

These images from the Recycled Home Book

So I began to keep my eye out for old metal trouble lights at garage sales. They are not the easiest thing to find, but they are out there. I was able to put a few lamps together and I love them.

Then I saw these on the Anthropology web page

The Anthropolgy versions run around $150.

Seems we have a new trend

A quick search on google brings up these images from various blogs.

I love these old cages, they come in a variety of interesting shapes. If you are like me you might remember your Dad working on the car engine on a hot Summer evening, with one of these hanging from the propped up hood.

As with most things, Trouble lights are now made from mostly plastic, and these beautiful metal ones are a thing of the past.

Keep your eyes open and you might just find one of these treasures during the coming garage sale season. If you do, scoop it up, I have a feeling they are the next hot thing.

This is another of mine

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Directory of Shops and Friends from FMS Canton Article

Thank you to everyone who want's to know more about Canton First Monday Trades Days as shown in the Flea Market Style Summer 2010 Magazine. Below I have a little more specific information for you.

All photo's for the article were taken by my Son Allen, Allen Arrick Photography

Photo of Ki with Petticoat in front of collage made by Maggie of The Veranda.
The Veranda is now located in the Canton Civic Center

The Porch is located between the Civic Center and the Arbors.
You can't miss the sign.

Carnival Clowns and other Murphrey Carnival items, available just outside the civic center as you enter the "fields"

Donna the Linen lady is still set up in the Civic Center just outside the ladies restroom. You can view her blog Here

Donna & Rhonda of Curious Goods are still located every month in the Civic Center, as is
Lilly of the Junk Palace. Both of these ladies also sell at Winnie & Tulula's in Athens Texas

Doorknob Bob has been selling at the same place for years. He's in the field near the "kabob" restaurant, just outside the civic center.

Gary Fleet, who is noted in the article as "by the creek near the bridge" is still there and has great junk, with well marked and fair prices.

Click here for larger view of this simple map of some of the flea market

As stated in the article, I like to use the Blue Roof of the Civic Center as my point of reference as I shop.

The field is empty in this picture but on First Monday weekend, it surely is not.

You can view some more shots of our day in Canton by visiting my Son's Photo blog here

You can read more about First Monday Trades days in Canton Texas Here

Basic instructions for making the Breakfast Burritos
that were mentioned in the article
Fry up some Jimmy Dean Sausage (or sausage of your choice)
Scramble Some Eggs
Warm up some lg Flour Tortillas
After the eggs and sausage have cooked, combine them in a pan and then scoop them into the tortillas. Roll up tortillas, and store them in foil until ready to eat.
To spice it up you can add picante sauce, cheese, onions, etc. before you roll up your tortilla.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun Find, Metal Architectural Sconces

DH and I went for a drive on Sunday, and just happened upon one of my favorite antique shops, just as they opened. I love this place because they always have lots of architectural stuff. It's usually priced so that I can only buy for myself and not for resale.

When I found these wonderful metal architectural pieces I just had to get a couple

They would be great window boxes just as they are. You see the tops are open.
After examining them at home I realized that they come apart with just a little encouragement.

So now I have 6 of these corbel or sconces. I'm keeping 2 of them for myself of course.

They now flank each side of my hutch

These are fun as you could also add a piece of wood to the top and it becomes a small shelf.

For now I'm going to leave them open at the top for dried flowers.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The pictures of Ki and My trip to the flea market, were so beautiful, and the article in Flea Market Style was so fun to do. With my Photographer Son tagging along it was a really fun day. The pictures turned out beautiful and the article is great.

But I always want to see the bloopers, and the not so pretty behind the scenes stuff. So if you are like me, and If Ki will indulge me, Here are some shots that didn't make the cut, for whatever reason ;)

Allen took 950 photo's of our Flea Market Trip so you know there are a lot that did not make it into the article.

It's very hard to get a good pic of someone eating. Especially if you are trying to make 2 people look good eating at the same time. There were 30 shots of us eating this funnel cake. Most look like this.

I might look good, but Ki would have powdered sugar on her chin, Or she would look good and I would be making some sort of funny eating face. The one they picked for the article was perfect.

This is early in the day, Ki still has her jacket on & she is Still getting a feel for what she might see and what she might want pics of.
This dealers wares made the article. But not this pic.

Not my best side, can you say Fat arms, Yuck!!!!!

It was a real fun time, I'm so glad She finally decided to visit my favorite Flea market. Be sure to pick up the magazine to see the beautiful shots and story
that resulted. It was a chance of a lifetime and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it.
You can read more about it here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Please Vote for my Friend

My Friend and fellow ETex Blogger is so close please help her win.

If you click the link below, has a couple of magazines for which you can vote for the covers. Her photograph is one of the choices for Somerset Life.
Her image is the blue chair with the donut - image A for Somerset
Pretty please?
Here's the link. (There's also a jewelry magazine for which you can select the cover.)


Inspired by a bulletin board I saw in either Pottery Barn or Ballard Designs and one that was in an article in Flea Market Style Magazine, I decided to give an old cork board of mine a makeover.
The cork on this board was messed up, because I had glued stuff to it and then removed it (along with some of the cork). So I covered it in burlap and made my very own inspiration board.

I added dimension by attaching 2 old towel bars to it. Now I can hang various trinkets as well as pin up clippings and ideas.

it's the perfect thing for my workroom

Memories and Ideas, I'm loving it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Jewelry Fun

With all the winter coldness, Indoor projects have been abundant this past week.
I've had fun with letterpress symbols and made some pendants and a pr of earrings (i'm keeping)

Notice the Chain on these pendants

What I did was to take 3 different colors of ball chain from the hardware store. Cut them the same length. Wire wrap the ends and made loops, and then added a clasp. Then before I put them on , I twist them like the old twister beads from the 80's. They can be twisted loos or tight. I love the look.

These are small letter press exclamation points. They are also very light.

The earrings below are made from small brass tags I got off etsy. They are a lot lighter than they look.

And while browsing some mags yesterday at the book store, I saw a pillow similar to this one, and had the "i can do that" moment. Came home and whipped up this sample. Pretty easy. I think they'd look fun with numbers and black background fabric.

Dh and I also hit 1 garage sale and I ended up getting all this with his encouragement. Now I have to clean it, paint it and of course Sell it.

6 large white rockers
2 wicker settee's
and 2 wicker chairs

Have a great Valentines Day

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