Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Before and After-Less is More

I've had this piece for awhile, I like the piece, but was never quite sure what to do with it.

This weekend I decided to just go for it. I would remove the various misc items to another place and just use it for utilitarian display. I placed just a few statement pieces in each cubby and then I pulled out all my linens.

Sorted, folded and placed them neatly in the bottom 2 bins.

Less is more and I'm really liking this arrangement. It allows me to highlight some of my Fall colored Dishes that I've collected over the years and gives the piece a less cluttered look.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Some folks just don't get it.

I had a recent conversation with my mail carrier. You see when you see your mail person every day, you can develop a fun relationship with them. In my case, my mail person is a sweet woman about my age. We banter back and forth and have a great time when I see her. She is always so sweet to get me supplies, and get back to me with rules and guidelines, and offers her help with some of my international shipments. In return I let her use my bathroom :)

So today I told her I had lots for her to pick up because I'd had a great weekend on ETSY. She was clueless, "What's Isey?" she asked. I corrected her pronunciation and began to sing the praises of ETSY. She asked what kinds of stuff I sold, and I happened to have an unpacked box that I showed her. She looked at the box-o-junk, and looked at me with a blank expression, and said "people buy that stuff"?

"OH Yes" I replied," there's a big market out there for this kind of stuff". Again I get the blank look.

I do love my Mail carrier though, I was able to call her cel this morning before she got away from the Post Office and asked her to bring me a handful of Priority Mail envelopes and she was happy to do it. I told her if all PO employees were as great as her, people wouldn't make fun of the Post office so much.

Do you ever get that look, you know the one???? I just have to laugh "silently" to myself knowing that "you either get it or you DON'T"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creative Space Cleanup

As you know I am in the midst of a big purge of stuff in my house. One of the main areas to get an overhaul is my creative space.

Looking at it now, I still feel I have bunches of stuff in here, and I can't believe how much came out.



Gone are lots of the things on the walls, replaced by 1 prized piece.
The work table has been thinned out as well, but we'll see how long that lasts.

My goal... If it's not being truly used in the space, if it's just there to look pretty, remove it. (Except for a few items on the wall)

All my bits and pcs are organized neatly in these old printers trays. Not all over the place like before.

this room does double duty with a fold out sofa. I've removed several pieces from in and around this area while keeping the useful things. I actually use that metal table to do my rotary cutting when I sew.

This is new, I removed some decorative only mirrors, and replaced with these hooks mounted to an old board to show off (not hide) my bags that I still love, but am not currently carrying.

Sorry for the badly exposed shots, the camera must have been set up wrong, I am not a photographer. I still need to touch up paint all the nail holes in here, but I've got to get some matching paint. I may still thin it out even more. But it does feel a bit less overwhelming when I'm in there.

Just a few of the items I've removed from this room that are currently on Etsy

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Results of Cystic Fibrosis Raffle

I want to thank everyone who donated to the CF raffle that I held earlier this month in memory of a sweet young lady, Kyndall Lowe. You can read more about Kyndall here. Raffle purchases totaled $55.00 and I bumped up the donation to $100. The Winner of the necklace, is Kathy B of Raleigh NC and her necklace is being sent right out.

Below is the receipt of my donation, I just want everyone to know that I really did send in the funds.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation gratefully acknowledges your gift of $100.00 on 01/26/2011. We depend greatly on the generosity of people like you, who enable us to wage our battle against cystic fibrosis (CF).

Your donation is offering hope to the tens of thousands of patients and their families who live with this disease every day. We are most appreciative of your support and promise to invest it in the wisest way possible -- to save lives.


Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, National Office
6931 Arlington Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
(800) FIGHT CF

P.S. This e-mail will serve as a receipt for your donation.

It came to mind that people might have been hesitant to donate because it involved a level of trust. So in case you still want to help you can click here to make a donation directly from the CF web site.

Again, thank you all for your help, every little bit is important. Please take a minute to read Kyndall's story and pray for her family as they grieve.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


For those who don't know what ROFL means, it means "rolling on the floor laughing", and that is exactly what I did when I read this email recently:

Bag o glass skit from vintage SNL

From unknown person:

"large pieces of glass suspended over someones head?‏ Are you kidding me this has got to be some kind of a joke or maybe sharp shards of glass in a bag are your idea of at fun toy as well . Get a grip just because something looks cool does not mean it is a good idea ."

Now the funny part of this is that I have no idea what this person is talking about. So thank you for the Giggle, feel free to explain any time you'd like. And thank you for reminding me of that wonderful vintage SNL skit.

Oh and BTW this person never responded to my request for them to explain what they were talking about. Maybe it had something to do with these popsicles,
Oh yum, I can't wait to bite right in.

Photo from the Shards of glass anti smoking campaign ad

So anyway, I would not think that sharp shards of glass hanging over someones head was a good idea.

Thanks for the Giggle.

Note: Although the email was real, this post is fully tongue in cheek and all in good fun.

Monday, January 24, 2011

What to do with an old Tool Box Submitted by Becky

Sometimes I get a project sent in to me that is just too cool. That is the case with this project sent in by Becky. Love that she turned this old tool box on it's side for a unique Laundry room Storage piece.

Becky writes:
"I have attached a photo of what I did with an old wooden tool box I found in
my father-in-laws shed. It's hanging over an old flat top trunk that is used
for a dirty clothes hamper."

Thanks for allowing me to share this idea Becky.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Closet Case

Mr R and I have been talking about going through all our clothes in our closet, and getting rid of what we don't or won't wear. He's got quite the T-shirt collection, some going back 30 years, and I just have lots of stuff that either doesn't fit right any more or I just don't wear. So we spent a rocking Friday evening going through it all, and this is the result.

I should have taken a pic of the pile, but I didn't think of it. To get this great pile from our room upstairs, all the way down to my car, I wheeled that wagon just under our balcony and Mr R threw the multiple loads of t-shirts, and jeans over the side, carefully aimed to completely miss hitting the wagon at all. I filled and emptied that wagon twice and completely filled the back of my car for the trip to Goodwill.

And the result is that I now have some hangers again. :)

There was something on every one of those hangers.

I feel much better now and It's time to go shopping for some new clothes :)

Enjoy your weekend, the Purge Continues...

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Great Purge of 2011-progress

When you are done reading this post, please read the one below. I'm trying to raise some money for Cystic Fibrosis Research, and response has been less than encouraging. So chances to win the necklace are high right now.

As you may remember, I have been more than encouraged to purge my collections a "bit" by Mr Roboto. After much denial and a fit or two, I've realized that he might just have been right. GULP!!!! Shhh, don't tell him.

I do love my things, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.
So with his "encouragement" I began the Purge in earnest. Below you can see my Dining Hutch area before,

And after the purge. As you can see there is a lot less stuff. This area probably saw the most decrease. It can still look a bit stark to me, but it is nice to walk into the room and be a bit less overwhelmed. I didn't even realize how much I had before.

My office was much of the same. See before above my desk.

I would not say this area is finished. Mr Roboto even thinks it needs a bit more, but he likes the framed sign. I'll probably do some B&W prints framed in black with white mattes, on each side. Not real sure yet.

On the opposite wall in my office, is my telephone nitch.
Before fully decked out above and below.

After a little editing, a cleaner less cluttered look

And part of my Greyhound Collection

I've used this book and Amy at Whisperwood Cottage's house as inspiration.
I love how she has been able to give her home a flea market look but not have it over cluttered. Now if I could just get her to sell me that Wonderful Greyhound Sign of hers :)

Another area that has gotten a major purge is my creative room. Wow I didn't know I had so much stuff in that space. And I'm still taking stuff out of there. Sorry no pics yet.

My strategy is to look at an area and remove several item, then a few more, maybe everything. Then add back just a bit, if it looks too empty. But as Mr. Roboto said, "It's gonna look empty because of how "dense" it's been".
He's lucky I love him, that's all I gotta say about that.

I still have more to do, but have slowed down a bit. If you take a look at my Etsy store you'll see lots of the things I've removed showing up in the weeks to come.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Necklace Raffle Cystic Fibrosis-please read

Kyndall Ann Lowe

Kyndall Ann Lowe was born on a warm summer day on July 28, 1987. She was a vivacious, imaginative, spunky child who loved horses, being with friends and family, discussing spiritual matters beyond her years and eating delicious food. She was known to be mischievous at times, as well as keeping everyone on their toes. She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a toddler and although cystic fibrosis wasn't who Kyndall was, it certainly was a big part of her life. She had many challenges and rough hospitalizations, but on Jan. 11, 2011, she won her battle with CF.

Those who attended her memorial service were asked to wear purple in her honor. At that time it came to me to make one of my button necklaces in her honor and wear it to the service. I am now offering it up for raffle with all proceeds to be sent to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Kyndall's memory.

Raffle is closed and the winner was Kathy B of Raleigh NC.
If you still want to help you can click here to make a donation directly from the CF web site.

CF Cut short the life of this sweet young lady. Prevented her pending marriage in April and put an end to a photography & graphic arts career that was just getting started (see graphic at the bottom of post). But.... Through research, the life expectancy of CF patients has increased dramatically. When she was diagnosed her family didn't even know if she would reach the age of 18, she made it all the way to 23.

Kendall's battle is over and she is resting now. But the battle still rages for so many.

I'm offering chances to win this necklace for $5 each and all the money (after paypal gets their fees) will go to CF foundation. Drawing open to anyone, domestic or int'l. Use the buy now button below to make your donation (if you wish to buy more than one chance, simply change the quantity when you finish out the transaction). You will be entered once for every $5 donation.

Raffle is closed and the winner was Kathy B of Raleigh NC.
If you still want to help you can click here to make a donation directly from the CF web site.

Graphic by Kyndall Lowe
Rest in Peace

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flea Market Style Magazine Order Information

Magazine Orders
I have been receiving so many orders that I am unable to email all of you personally. If you have a pending order please read below for important information.

I just wanted to update everyone who has been ordering both the few copies of the 2010 issue that I found, and the 2011 pre-orders. Several of you have ordered both.

I wanted you to know that the 2010 issues will ship out immediately, and the 2011 issues will be shipped in February when they are received. I am up to date mailing all the 2010 orders that I have received (except that today was a PO holiday) so if
you don't get yours soon, please let me know.

Below you will find info and buy now buttons for the 2010 and 2011 issues. I have limited copies of the 2010 issue. Be sure you are ordering the right one. I offer both domestic and Int'l shipping.

If you are interested in pre-ordering your 2011 issue of Flea Market Style to be mailed directly to your door, please choose the correct option from the drop down menu below, (price includes shipping). Magazines will be mailed as soon as they are received by the distributor, sometime in February.

If you do not have a paypal account or wish to order more than 1 copy please email me and we can work something out.

2010 Issue-Limited Quantity

I have received a limited supply of the 2010 issue. If you still have not been able to find it, just choose the correct option below and I'll send you one while supplies last. Canadians choose the Domestic option.

All sold out

Monday, January 17, 2011

Why do I enjoy selling some items instead of others?

Recently while shopping with a fellow dealer, I commented on the "randomness" of her purchases. "I buy what sells" she replied.

For me on the other hand, "I buy what I like" and enjoy playing with it till it sells. Some items I buy and sell, because well... they sell and I know they will sell, and so when I see them I buy them. Or Some of the items that I make, I don't enjoy making. I'm over the fun of the project, but they sell well, and so I continue to make them and sell them.

But I don't get excited about it. Then... when someone buys some piece of junk that I found, and loved, I get so excited. I may make more money on those other items, but I get much more of a thrill from selling the "one of a kind whatever item". Does this happen to you, do you have things you sell just because and then things that you love to sell?

I wonder why that is, Money is money right? So I must not really be in this for the money... well it helps!!! But still I long for the sales of my rusty junky oh so cool stuff.

How about you????

Note: These photo's have nothing to do with this post, but I can't have a post without pics right ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cottage Wreath Project

This project came to me as the Christmas Season was winding down, but it can actually be a wreath for all seasons.
Here are the basic instructions.

First you'll need a wire or wooden wreath frame, and a pile of old spindles. Chair and crib parts work great for this project. The more colors the better (unless you are going for a monochrome look).

First cut spindles to various lengths. For my wreath I cut the spindles in half down the middle. This is not necessary and would probably be difficult for most people. The spindles can be glued to the base either way. I like them in half because one side is flat and I get two for one out of each spindle. You can find my tutorial on cutting spindles in half here, if you are interested, but be careful.

Arrange the spindles the way you want them. I made sure to space out style and color. Use the curves of each spindle to fill in as much of the blank space next to it as possible. If a spindle is wider on one end than the other, put the smaller end towards the inside of the wreath.

Then with your favorite strong glue (hot glue will not hold) glue the spindles to the base and let dry according to your glue directions.

A few may need to be re-glued but you'll know that after it dries. A few ideas to hide the wire behind might be some dried flowers tucked between the spindles or, burlap, or twine. Change it up with the seasons.

Let me know if you make it and if you vary it any. I love to see what you all do with my ideas when you take them to the next level.

Another idea for This project is as a window valance. Just glue the pieces to a piece of wood cut the right width and you've got yourself a fun window topper.

I have received a limited supply of the 2010 issue. If you still have not been able to find it, just choose the correct option below and I'll send you one while supplies last. Canadians choose the Domestic option.

FMS 2010 Options

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I love my Wood Burning Stove

When We purchased this house, the big black box in the middle of my family room was a bit puzzling to me. I've had fireplaces before, and they are good for roasting marshmallows, hanging stockings or warming up the ambiance of a room, but I've found them to be mostly ornamental. "How was I going to use this black box??? I thought to myself". Well since we moved in in the summer I knew I would have time to think about that later.

Well Winter rolled around and our first cold month electric bill came in, and I decided it was time to figure out how to use this black box also known as a "wood burning stove".

After all the basic problems were figured out, how much wood, seasoned or fresh, how long to season, how to get it to light, how to circulate the heat...this big black box has turned into a wonderful tool for keeping warm on cold winter days.

First hurtle, how to start a fire. No gas jet was attached to this thing, not that I've ever had one but getting a good "worth it" fire going was quite the chore. Over time I've conquered this task. And am now the master fire builder in the family.

There is an optional screen, if you want the beauty of the fire, But I usually use the doors.

I can start a fire in the morning and keep it going all day long with minimal effort. And has it helped the electric bill? Youbetcha!!!! Big time, it's like a contest for me every winter, how low can we keep that bill!!!!

So despite the one chimney fire I had, oops!! my fault, Get those chimney's cleaned yearly. I love my black box. Here are a few things I have learned in building and warming your home with fire.

If the heat is not circulating but the fire is going strong, try turning on a ceiling fan on low.
This will push all that hot air that has floated to the ceiling back down to earth where it belongs.

I use the small rectangle fire starters and old phone book pages or newspaper to get the fire going. First I crumple up about8-12 phone book pages and make a bed for the firestarter, and then sit 1/2 of a firestarted on top. I light the pages which in turn will light the firestarter. When it's going I add small branches (not Pine I like to burn Oak) on top of it, and add larger branches then logs as it gets going more and more.

Close the doors, open the vents and leave it alone. Let it do the work of getting started. Closing those doors will keep the heat in and ignight the wood faster. If my wood is wet, I'll place a few pieces inside the fire box on either side of the fire, this will dry them out and they will be ready when it's their turn to be place on the fire.

Fire wood should be stacked for a year to season well. Trying to burn fresh wood is a task in futility.

You can tell well seasoned dry wood by looking at the ends. You'll see cracks there where the rings are. Dry wood is also lighter to carry.

I use kitchen tongs to move my kindling into place and adjust smaller pieces of wood. They are easier for me to control than a long handled grabber.

Right now this is the scene outside my back door, and the temp inside is 70 and the heater is not even going. $$$$$$$$

Do you have a fireplace or woodburning stove. Do you use it to heat your home???
Do you have any hints or tips.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Exciting News-Save The Date- Ki Nassauer coming to Winnie & Tulula's

We are so excited to announce that Ki Nassauer, Editor-in-Chief of Flea Market Style magazine, and author of several junking books, will be making 2 appearances at Winnie & Tulula's in Athens Texas, in April.

Come visit with Ki either Friday evening April 29th, or on Saturday April 30th.
Exact times will be announced closer to the event.

You can read more about it on the WT Blog

mark your calendar.
It will be a First Monday weekend
so you can enjoy shopping in both Canton and Athens
in beautiful Texas Spring weather.

All photo's with exception of top head shot, taken Spring 2009 at Canton First Monday Trades Days

copyright by Margo

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Great Purge of 2011

It usually happens to me this time of year, I get the urge to purge. It's a post Christmas ritual. But this year I was "more than encouraged" my Mr Roboto. After months of ribbing me about how "dense" my accessorizing is getting, with not so subtle jibs and jabs, it finally all came to a head earlier this week. I guess I just couldn't get it all purged fast enough, or was not quite purging "enough".
So now the Super Purge has begun in earnest.

I don't really have any good pics to share because, frankly I'm not feeling it. I've removed everything and then one item at a time, I'm bringing a few things back. A fraction of what I had before. And with each item, I think to myself "will he hate this?" "Will this be one item too many?" He swears it's not my style that was bothering him, but the shear "volume" of stuff."

So starting with an empty hutch I began to ask him." How much is too much", I tried to pull up blog pics of decorated hutches, and to him it was ALL too much. This from my Chrome and Glass, Decorating Husband. AGGGGGG!! So that is where I've been this week, completely re-setting my entire home. Trying find that common ground that we can both live with.

On the other side of the coin, I've got lots of stuff!!! (above is only 1 wagon load) and it's all stacking up in the barn and will be trickling into my etsy store and booths over the next few months. I don't think I need to go junking for a long long time (no not really).

How about you, how does your" significant other" deal with your "junk"?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Did you hear the news

Hop over to the Flea Market Style Blog for a big announcement. Can you say 2 issues in 2011!!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Please Pray, Some of my family affected by Arkansas Tornado

There is no sound for this video

I received a call on New Year's eve from my Cousin in Arkansas. It seems that my Aunt's (by marriage) home was destroyed by the Arkansas Tornado. Both she and her adult son spent news year's eve day in the hospital with minor injuries. And worse than that her mother and step-father, who lived next door were both killed. They are part of the 3 dead from the video above.

My aunt's home is destroyed and she has to deal with burying her Mother and picking up her life. She and her mother were very close and did things together everyday. Economically life has not been good to these folks, and they will be moving back to Texas to live near her daughter (another of my cousins). This is the 3rd home she has lost, 2 prior by fire. I've waited till today to post this as I don't like sharing bad news, but felt that it needed to be shared. Sometimes tragedies just float past us without much thought. These kinds of things happen all the time all over the world, it's a bit too much to wrap our heads around, until it happens to someone we know and then it hits home. All I ask is that those who pray would lift my Aunt (Ruth), her family, and the other families affected by loss of property and life in your prayers tonight.

When they all went to bed on Thursday night, they never thought they'd be awakened on Friday morning, to their homes being blown away while they slept. To being sucked out of their beds and thrown through the air as winds whirled around them. To having their lives end in such a freekish way. We go to bed every night, fairly confident the morning will come and we will have another day, but one never truly knows for sure.

I'm reminded of Matthew 6:19
"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal."

Blessings to you all,
Thank you to all who have responded, at this point the need is only for prayer. I've asked to be kept informed of any other needs as they come up. I found this article online but can't read the whole thing because I don't have a password. The man in the pic is my cousin by marriage, and Ruth mentioned in the caption is my aunt. Behind them is their former home.

Richard Grubbs looks through debris Saturday surrounding the house he and his mother, Ruth Mauch, were living in when it was destroyed by the tornado that ripped through the Cincinnati community Friday morning. Grubbs’ grandmother Mamie Wilson and husband Buck Wilson were killed by the storm.

Richard Grubbs looks through debris Saturday surrounding the house he and his mother, Ruth Mauch, were living in when it was destroyed by the tornado that ripped through the Cincinnati community Friday morning. Grubbs’ grandmother Mamie Wilson and husband Buck Wilson were killed by the storm.
Photo by David Frank Dempsey

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