Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Goods Part 1-Hardware

You know I love the metal stuff, The stacking bins are being prepped for my studio to store itty bitties. One of the few items in this Lot that I am keeping.
With a focus on smalls, I had no problem finding fabulous goodies. Love the "break glass in case of fire" plaques above.

A fabulous Atomic Retro Light Fixture-Sold
The round things would be great candle holders.

This says Property of Oklahoma City Coca Cola, think they want it back???

Not sure what this is. A holder for pants, ties, belts???? do you know?

Factory Belt racks, I got 2 of these, I thnk I'm keeping one.

Another livestock muzzle, The last one I had went quick.

Love art deco stuff and this old drink carrier screams Art Deco. It's nice and rusty too.

2 of these large parts bins. These have lots of uses. They are quite large. They could be used in a potting shed for soil and tools. Inside for linens etc. They will brighten up nicely with a coat of poly.

That's the "hardware" tomorrow the "Software".

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Round Top Post #2

After partying at Theresa's on sunday night I got up bright and early Monday morning to get some junking done.

But many of the dealers did not. So I wondered around for a couple of hours just taking in the sights and visiting dealers who did wake up and open their shops.

I love the unusual and out of the ordinary things. I'd never take this home, but love taking pics of it. As I've said before. "You find the coolest stuff at the flea market". Wouldn't this be great in a child's room.

Where else but...

Christmas in March, I'm a sucker for a massive Christmas Kitch display.

Pizza anyone. Want to know a bit of Pizza Inn Trivia????

This guy's name is FJ Spinman.. How do I know that? Well back before I had children, I worked for Pizza Inn Corporate in Dallas. You would not believe what I know about the pizza industry. But mostly I know this guy's name:) Oh and Mr R and I had our first date at a Pizza Inn.

Tamara (my partner in crime) snaps
pics of a great 60's re-purpose project.

New Friends, Effie of the Junque Slinger, Love her trailer.

Tomorrow night, What I brought home.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Round Top Day 1, Teresa's Blog Party

This place's slogan is "you die we buy" Love it.

I've just returned from my whirlwind trip to the Round Top Warrenton shows(see post below)
and there was no limit to the fun or Dead People's stuff.

I arrived Sunday afternoon, after a 5 hr drive and a few frustrating experiences trying to follow my GPS. After a few hours of shopping it was time for Teresa's Blog Party. Teresa knows how to throw a shin-dig and I was amazed by the talent of her Junk Sista's

Lezlee of Prior made these great blue jean ruffle things. They are removable and
she said "when you are tired of em, just put them on your lamp."
Now that's some versatile junk, don't they look great with her turquoise boots.

Look at the lovely bag above. And she said she does not sell them. She Just made it for herself, and I could not talk her into one for me. It's wonderful.

There was no shortage of fabulous re-purposed jewelry, I love these old coin purse necklaces

And we are in Texas Afterall

As I was hanging around Teresa's space, who walked by but Mike Brown from page 124 of the latest issue of Flea Market Style

Lezlee's fab find :) It doesn't take much to make a junkers heart skip a beat. She said this lovely bird will look great under a cloche, and she's right.

Tamara from Australia(r) and our favorite Trash Talker Debbie(l)

Below is Debbie, Tamara, Lezlee, Rho, and Me
Photo' from Rho's blog

As you know there were fields of lovelies and I'll be showing plenty of pictures of all of it so stay tuned.

Still nursing this cold and playing catch-up so bear with me.
Enjoy your week.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Round Top for Dummies, What is the Round top, Warrenton, Marberger Antique Show???

This is a slightly edited post from last year. Several folks have asked me about the show I will be attending this weekend (as a shopper, not seller) and so I decided it was time for a primer on Round Top/Warrenton

For years I've heard about the big sale at Round Top, I've also heard it called Warrenton, and
This has been a point of confusion for me and one of the reasons I've never made it down there. I also had heard there are "No deals at... (one of the show names)." Also another reason I never made the trip. After meeting several of the dealers who sell there, I decided to get down there and see what it was all about. I also wanted to figure it out, so I could clear up the confusion (If anyone but me was confused).
My first stop was this web site. The site says

"AntiqueWeekend isn't just one sale, event or show,
it's dozens!

So now we have another name. "Antique Weekend". For Simplicity we will simply call it the Round Top Show, it happens twice a year (Spring and Fall).

The cities of Round Top and Warrenton Texas are right next to each other, Actually Round top just North of Warrenton in Central Texas between Houston & Austin.

Along both sides of SH237 there are fields. Some fields have permanent buildings, some do not. There are many tents set up. Each field is it's own show, and each show has it's own vibe and name.

These signs and buildings will help you navigate the show (s), and serve as landmarks.

Many flow into 1 big show for the most part. Some are separated by space of empty fields, and a short drive will get you to the next one.

I live in North East Texas so I simply headed south for about 4 hrs, with my GPS telling me where to go. As I enter the city of Carmine (N of Round top) I begin to see some small shows with A few tents set up etc. These shows are small, but worth the stop if you have time. But do not think this is it, there is much more.

Keep going (south for me and this article) and you'll enter the small town of Round Top. In Town you will also see a few small shows, worth a visit, but still not the bulk of the shopping. As you head further south you'll be nearing Warrenton, and you will begin to see lots of tents, buildings, people, cars and this is where the bulk of the shows are.

Oh I forgot to mention Marberger. It is a show in and of itself. It does not have the same calendar as the other shows. Most of them are 2 weeks, Marburger does not open until the 2nd week, and the other shows have been at it for a week by that time. I did not go to the Marburger show and have nothing to add about it, but it has been written about extensively and is probably the best known of all the shows. I did see the tents and it looks very large. I believe it is the place to "see and be seen" at the Round Top shows. Please
do not go only for Marburger. If you do you'll be missing lots of great stuff at the other shows.

You can see a larger version of the map here

That's the 411 on Round Top. I'll be heading out at dark 30 in the morning and will be at Teresa's blog party Sunday night, with some Flea Market Style magazines. Hope I find some treasures, but Tamara has been at it for a week already and is getting lots of the goodies. Leave me something!!!! If you see me be sure to say hello

Friday, March 25, 2011

We are Go for Mission Launch

It's been a bit iffy this week, if I would be able to actually get to go to Round Top due to illness.
The meds are kicking in and I'm sure, well 99% sure, that I'll be there as scheduled on Sunday night for Teresa's blog party.

Below is all of the info again, in case you missed it the first time. I don't think I'll be power shopping due to a bit of fatigue. Maybe one of my dealer buddies will let me take a nap in their trailer???? But I'll be there, and I'm sure there will be treasures found.

I'll be heading out Sunday AM, at the crack of morning and will spend 2 days shopping, pic taking, and visiting with lifelong friends there.

You can meet up with me me at Teresa's Blog party, where at her request, I will have tons of FMS magazines in tow.

All photo's from Teresa's booth from last year.

Will report back with all the goods next week-Hopefully!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recent Acquisitions

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you some of last week's finds.
The yellow cabinet above has been mine for awhile now, but I just got it up to my space at Winnie & Tulula's thanks to Alison's DH.
The awning I've had for awhile too, but just got it hung as well, Thank you Don.
Found this lovely set of dishes last week.
And this rattan bird cage below. It's very light weight and oh so vintage. Both Items at Our Little Corner in Noonday
Got these from Lilly at the last Canton Sale. They are old metal number price signs . SoldThese lamp shades called out to me.
As did these 2 small metal florist baskets
I love old iron
Especially in chippy pink
Check out my Etsy for recently listed fun finds.

This weekend I'm headed to Round Top/Warrenton and will be back with lots more treasures next week.
Can't wait to share.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Heading to Round Top/Warrenton This weekend

Hi all. It's that time of year again. Time for the Spring Round Top/Warrenton Antique Shows.

I'll be heading out Sunday AM, at the crack of morning and will spend 2 days shopping, pic taking, and visiting with lifelong friends there.

You can meet up with me me at Teresa's Blog party, where at her request, I will have tons of FMS magazines in tow, provided this CRUD I seem to be getting doesn't keep me home. Yuck!!!!

All photo's from Teresa's booth from last year.

Will report back with all the goods next week-Hopefully!!!
"Feel better, feel better, feel better!!!!"
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