Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Reception- Wedding post #4

The reception had two distinct sections that I was in charge of. A coffee bar area and a large room with tables. Below you see the bistro tables in the coffee bar area. Each had a single green vase and a doily with the same burlap ribbon treatment that we did on the pews.
At the back of the pic above is a coffee serving area. Although I did not decorate this area, certain elements were my contribution. See the little chalk board tags. Those are my creation, made with salvaged materials. I sell these tags in just about any quantity on my etsy store and they are great for weddings, as well as many other uses. We also used them to label the different beverage serving containers, Lemon-aid, Coffee, Water Etc.The bride has a great sense of style, and a knack for doing the "out of the ordinary". Her first request was green glass, Lots and lots of green glass. We began buying all that old green florist glass just after her engagement, over a year ago. You can find these old florist vases at garage sales for anywhere from a dime to a couple of dollars. Very inexpensive and when displayed in mass they looked fabulous. We were buying any green colored glass piece we could find, and various candle holders worked their way into the mix as well.
You can see one of the picture frame panels I spoke about earlier. This is a great way to add interest to walls that cannot be nailed into.

Some glass pieces had flowers, some had candles, some had crayons and even floating rose petals. One of my ideas for the table scapes was the craft paper that was draped over the tablecloths. It served several purposes. First to give the room more of a rustic feel, soften the white, make the doilies pop and for the kids, and adults, to color messages to the bride and groom etc. It worked great, and entertained the little ones, and we saved all the wonderful artwork for B&G to keep.

Now for Food-Not my responsibility

In a departure from the traditional wedding cake. The brides mother baked lots and lots of these beautiful pound cakes, which were then decorated by the ladies above and placed on a fabulous multi-level display of clear glass pieces. I hope to get a picture of it later, but I did not take one myself.

As I said before, I was not in charge of any of the food and there was a fabulous team of ladies who came in a decorated a wonderful fruit and cheese table.
My helpers set up the tables and place every piece of green glass that would work well for food display on this table. Then on Sat morning these ladies came in and worked their magic. See that fun green glass cande-lier? I found that just 2 weeks ago and knew it would be perfect for some use in the decor.
Makes your mouth water...

I hope to get better pics of the brides table as it was fabulous and a great way to save money and make a huge statement.

This wedding was absolutely beautiful, and a perfect example of how a beautiful wedding can be decorated on a budget. Below is a partial breakdown of some of the decor costs, not including food.

Green glass-unknown but most will be resold and most was under $1

Lots and Lots of white and cream doilies, Also owned by me and will be resold or re-purposed into projects, so cost zero. If I was not going to re-sell cost would be about 50-60 dollars in doilies.

Craft paper 1/2 of an industrial roll 16.00.

Table cloths, cost of cleaning only, borrowed from church

frames, $1-$2 each, painted black with spray paint about $15.00 worth of spray paint.

Lattice panels, borrowed, actual cost would have been about $115.00

Candles, All garage saled cost less than $5 total

Old books used as lifts, all owned by me or brides family cost zero.

Chalk board tags, if purchased by me .85c each

Ribbon $50.00

Plus cost of babies breath as flowers.

So you see, with a little imagination, a lot of time (to accumulate large quantities of props) it can be done inexpensively and still look fabulous.

I'm updating the post below on the chapel decorations with costs as well. Most of my readers are great re-purposers and love creating fabulous things on a budget. So I know you will appreciate the cost breakdown.

More tomorrow, gift table, and hopefully some pics of the cake table.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pictures are all we have now-the Wedding Day

Again, my day started early and I was able to get in the church to start on the foyer table. I made the little frame collage there by stringing burlap ribbon and attaching various frames. Inside the frames were a variety of photo's that the bride provided. Beside the collage is an old typewriter, with a note in it that says "Please Sign our Register" The register is there in front of the pen.
More photo's a wonderful arrangement and some more burlap ribbon and babies breath. The bride wanted lots and lots of babies breath and that is what she got.
In front of the Bride's portrait are scattered various snapshots.
Here you see the completed draped arch, 2 frames with floating green vases filled with babies breath are hung on each side. A shabby chandie from the top and 2 single garden candelabras on each side. A Vintage brooch finishes off the floating vases. When the candles were lit and the complete wedding party was in place it was absolutely fabulous. I can't wait to share those pics with you.
Down the isle we decorated every other pew with more burlap ribbon, a boquet of babies breath and and some beautiful green ribbon, chosen by the Bride.

Next post the reception area, which is where the bulk of the decorating took place.

BTW it was a fabulous wedding. What took 2 days to put up, took less than 2 hrs to take down. She got just what she wanted and I'm glad for that.

I'm beat!!!! But so glad I could do this for her.

Cost breakdown:
Cost if purchased in () and are approximate
Arch Borrowed, cost for family Zero ($50-$200)
Fabric behind arch purchased at a re-use shop $10
Single light candle stands on sides of arch owned by me, cost for family Zero ($30-$50)
candle hurricane lamps $24.00
Ribbon $50.00
Shabby Chandelier owned by me, cost for family Zero ($16-$100)

Foyer Table
All props borrowed cost for family Zero ($80-$150)
Broaches $4
Frames $5
Sign in book and pen unknown
Photo's unknown
Green glass vase approx $4
Flowers (all part of florist bill) unknown

As you can see it helps to know people like me who just have lots of fun stuff lying around :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

A very long Day-aka Wedding Set Up day

My day started early with a loaded car and trailer, then off to the Bride's house to pick up more props and guy helpers. After that, a quick unload at the church and then a lunch break at Cici's

Below you see the Bride with several of her brides maids fueling up on pizzaThen back to the church to get down to the real work. The guys brought in lots of boxes of supplies etc, as well as the big stuff, the arch and lattice.
The the ladies got to work cutting ribbon, making bows, and dressing the pews

While I focused on draping the arch, you can see just a bit of me behind it there.

Then off to the reception area and more cutting and table dressing

We even got the guys in on the decorating. One of the issues with using this part of the church for the reception, was that I was not allowed to hang anything from the walls, nothing, nada, no exceptions.

And there was a lot of blank wall space in there. So I came up with this idea. I got pre-cut lattice panels, leaned them against the wall, and then did a framed vase treatment.
In the photo below, you can see one of the lattice panels in the background.

I had at least a dozen helpers, maybe even more, and it took us ALL DAY to get both areas decorated. And I've got to get out there tomorrow morning to finish off the entry table and placing more flowers. This is such a big job and I can't wait to share more pics with you. However, it is so hard to capture how great it looks with my camera.

I just want to give a shout out to all my helpers and tell them how thankful I am for their help. These 2 kids getting married, are loved by so many folks, and they came out today to show their support in a real way. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Wedding Stuff-What it takes

Since just about everything in my life becomes a blog post, there is no reason that these wedding preps should be different. If you need to catch up on this story, simply start with the post below. As mentioned before, my week is centering around my friend's wedding this Saturday. Preparations have been in full force for many months, but now it's crunch time.

Of course there is list making and reviewing the plans...

My guest room has turned into gathering place or "prop central".

There has also been the issue of making an outdoor garden arch stand up inside a church. Mr R conquered that one for me. Now I just need to get that wood painted white.

Simple solution but very effective. What you can't see are the clamps that hold it to the support pieces. Leave it to my brilliant engineer husband to come up with such a simple solution. In my head I had this most complicated contraption pictured.
Less is more!!!!

And then there is candle testing. Candles must burn at least 30-45 mins.
First candle failed, but this one is looking good.
No detail is too small.

Watch for more as time allows me to make posts.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I've been Up To-Wedding Plans and a Project

You might be wondering where I've been and why I've not been posting much lately. Well a rather large project that I've been working on for many months, is coming due. What is it you ask...well... It's a wedding for the daughter of a friend.

Last Summer, Brooke asked if I'd be able to style her wedding reception and chapel, and of course I said yes.
The Bride

So after meeting several times with the bride and seeing her ideas I've been spending the last few months gathering the materials and working out the logistics in my head. All Month I've been working on mock ups,and all the final preparations for the event which is next Saturday. So I'll be out of touch a bit this week, and hopefully have some pics for you next week.

In true junker fashion, most items for the reception and chapel are re-purposed, borrowed, used.... and fabulous. She wanted that look and that is what she's getting. My Son is her photographer and he has agreed to take some shots just for me, of the decor.

This is a bit out of my comfort zone so I've been nervous, but I think my ducks are in a row and we are ready to go. I've Just got to gather a few supplies and wait for them to let me into the Church.

I received a new shipment of Flea Market Style magazines in on Friday so if you need one or know someone who does, be sure to see the information in the post below. Hoping you all have a great week, and wish me luck.

And since projects are constantly floating around in my head, and I've been collecting and cleaning doilies for months. This little project hopped into my lap this weekend. Lace necklace, made by cutting up an old tatted doilie,
modeled by Son #2's girlfriend.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Flea Market Style 2011- Restocked and ready to ship

It seems you all just can't get enough of our most recent issue of Flea Market Style. I was completely sold out and so was the publisher but....They have reprinted it .- No longer available


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meeting the Neighbors

I've decided that I must live an exciting life as I always seem to have a story to tell. Or maybe it is that I take the everyday stuff and make a story out of it.
Well this is certainly not an everyday event.

We live in the Country, but the way our house is situated on our property we are very close to our neighbors on one side. During summer we can't see their property due to the trees so it seems secluded, but they are just a short walk through the woods.

Since we moved in in 2003 we've had the same couple living next door and they have been wonderful neighbors. They have since moved and rented the house out. This made us a bit nervous but so far it's been quite over there.

The other day I got a call from the Mom, with a sound of panic in her voice she says. "Hi I'm Julie, I moved in next door... I have a problem...
There is a snake in my bedroom!
and I don't know who to call."

Snake Catching is not Mr R's favorite activity, and to him every snake is a "bad" snake. So with Hoe in hand, we headed over.

We approached the house to find our new neighbor trembling on the porch with a shovel. So now we are armed with a Hoe and a Shovel????
Sure enough there was a snake in her bedroom. She was there by herself and had nobody to call.

Well Mr R and I took care of that nasty snake in no time, and saved the day, AND we met the neighbor at the same time. She was a bit shook up but we assured her that we had never seen a snake inside before and this was not "normal". I think it was a harmless rat snake, but Mr R thinks it was a Poisonous snake so who knows. Anyway it met it's end that day and all is well.

Since then, Mr R ordered a snake catching tool, we've needed one several times since moving out here and he's tired of using a Hoe.
Now we are Prepared!!!!

What are some of the unusual ways have you met your neighbors????

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My newest Treasure

The Spring Fling at Our Little Corner was a big success...but I think I spent more than I made.
No as a matter of fact I'm sure of it. But I'm still so glad I did. Take a look at my newest treasure.
The larger horse, not the smaller one.

He is party of an old bouncy Hobby horse and I have the base but not the springs. I like it here without the base. I've always loved these old horses when I see them in magazines, but I've never actually seen a real one (from the 1800's) until the OLC Sale. It took some thought, but I told the dealer to put a sold sign on it and it came home with me.

Love it!!!!
Have a great week.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Little Corner Spring Fling Saturday May 14

Our Little Corner in Noonday Texas
is having it's Annual Spring Fling is This Saturday, May 14


Dealers are cleaning out their storage buildings, attics, and garages and setting up outside with lots of extra stuff...for One Day ONLY!!!
And many dealers will be offering discounts as well.

10 Lucky winners
will receive gift certificates to spend at Our Little Corner,
need not be present to win.

You gotta come out on Saturday because all the great stuff goes back into storage after that.

all pictures from Last Year's Spring fling Sale

Monday, May 9, 2011

I've Got Her, Meet Lisa

On my trip to Dallas on Saturday I picked up my new Foster Italian Greyhound. She is adjusting to our home and we hope it will be permanent.

Here you see the size difference between an IG and a full sized Greyhound.
Aren't they both just beautiful.

Stay tuned for updates.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Canton Finds with KI

I realize that you all like to see the goods... so here is part of my Last Weekend Haul. Not all of this came from Canton, Some came from Winnie & Tulula's and some from other secret places:) I have 2 of these art decor iron lamps as seen above.

Sweet old bottles
I love an old rusty birdcage

I got several of these old pew pockets, These are the longer ones and I also have some shorter ones. See below for a project with them.
Love this old document box
Isn't this old telephone table the bomb!!! It even has a little pull out writing surface

And you know I love trouble lights.
some great small metal labels for assemblage projects
Are these tops??? Not sure, Marked King Scientific co Chicago on the end.

Tomorrow I'm headed to DFW to see the Red Shed Girls, then Lunch with my Mom and to see my Son in college and then ...
I pick up my new baby girl Lisa... Will post pics when I have them. Will need to give her some time to acclimate.

Now for the Project
When I purchased the pew pockets above Ki said, "These would make great risers", so I had to try it.
As you can see the long ones work great for a computer keyboard. I added some felt sticky feet to give the cord room to stick out the back.

Most of these items are already listed on my Etsy Store.

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