Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Office redu part deux

Over the years I've tried again to organize, and warm up my office. I've Blogged about it  before, and I've tried to work with what I had.

 I hated my desk, I wasn't crazy about the computer "command center" and the whole things was gray and black cold and boring.
 A Few years ago I painted 2 walls and added this "broken clock"  to my wall hoping to solve the problem, but while I liked the "clock" art, I still had the furniture and the cold 80's office feel to deal with.

Why did everything have to be gray and white and black?????


So I've been on a mission to change it all. I decided to get rid of my yuck desk and work station and have been mulling over different ideas for a few months. It all came together in my head a few weeks ago when I found my fabulous mid century desk.  Now computer and work desk are one, and I'm no longer constantly having to twist my body at a right angle to go from computer to desk.  Instead of the "command center" I have shelves, and propped my printer onto a thrifted lateral file I picked up at a used office furniture store, that has also given me ample storage.

Almost all the desk accessories were thrifted,  Lamp, stapler file holders pen holder, and even the yellow tape dispenser were all found at garage sales.
The shelves work great and I was able to accessorize them with some of my ampersand collection as well as other vintage items, and of course, the stuff I need to actually get my work done.
 This is, after all, a very busy office. Bills getting paid, orders getting taken etc.

There are only a few items on these shelves that are not actually used for business.  The globe, the magnifying glass on stand, and the 2 small black vintage office machines, and the books they are sitting on,  that you can barely see on the lower right shelf.

 For my binders I brought in an old encyclopedia book shelf, which also gives me a place to plop my big bag that I carry stuff to and from work in.

  The white organizer will soon be painted.  

I don't usually like to have things that don't have a purpose, lying around, but on top of the filing cabinet there are actually a few display only items.  The orange book and books in front of it are there for color as is the green drawer thing next to them.  The check embosser is just for show and I don't really NEED a lamp there, but It's nice to have.  The in baskets, and scale are used often.

 I'm actually looking forward to my work days  now :)  And the organization overhaul has been working out great.

In the next post you'll see exactly which items were thrifted, You'll be surprised.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Junky Photo display

It may seem strange,with as much as I love using vintage frames in my decor that I don't necessarily like having my photos in frames. I really love using unusual items to display photographs. 

Click some photos and links to go to similar items in my etsy store.

This this display on a shelf in my home office.  I've used a store sign holder,  wooden photo film holders
 Even music holders and flower frogs, but not regular frames.

This fun item is for enlarging prints in a dark room. The black bars are moveable so you can add that white border around the print.  You move them along those bars on the side. I love the wood frame and the glass in front makes it perfect for photos.

Or these fabulous items, used to hold film in vintage field cameras.  Nice wooden frames as well.

Even this garden sign would be great as a photo frame.

I've even propped photos up in items like this for display.
This is another one of those enlarger mattes for darkroom developing.  It has 2 sides and is perfect for larger photos.

Do you prefer regular frames or unusual ways to display your photos?

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Journal you NEED everyday Password keeper

New Project, Password Organizer. A Journal you'll use daily. Keep all your passwords in one place, and neatly organized for quick retrieval. Each journal $12 postage included within the US. 
Ordering button at the end of this post.
 Choose from the covers you see pictured. Cover from Vintage Books, Tabs are post it brand and moveable, and will be included. Includes divided sections and plenty of pages in an adjustable format.

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