Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Project Alert, Quick and easy tea cup storage display

tea cup storage and display

I was inspired by something I saw online, but this ended up being completely different. I took an old ringed clip board with a butcher block back that I had been hanging on to,  attached it to a grain belt scoop through the holes already in the scoop. I screwed it from the back to do as little damage to the clip board as possible.

That is all it took, I added the cups, filled the scoop with dish clothes and that was it. It does not really have much mug storage room, but I like the way it looks on the wall. ;)

It can't get any easier than that!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Gresham Barn Sale time again in Tyler Texas

Spring Barn Sale Dates

 It's Gresham Barn Sale time again in Tyler Texas.
 Well actually Gresham, but nobody knows where Gresham is.
Jodi has lovely vignettes all over the barn, and  Spring has sprung inside and out!
 East Texans wait all year for the Spring Barn Sale
 The wait is over, Get the truck and trailer, bring some muscles with you and get it while you can.
  There is something for everyone!

And lots of Flea Market Style magazines if you need even more inspiration.
You can get more information on Jodi's facebook page here

 I'm drooling over those red drawers!!!!
Early shopping Wednesday 1-4 for a $20 donation to Wounded Warriors, and then shopping continues from 5-8 for a $5 donation. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm now on Instagram

I may not be the quickest adopter of new social media, but once something catches on I usually want to join in.


You can now find me on Instagram, Facebook and, Pinterest. 
 I tend to update these more often than my blog, so be sure to check it out and follow me, for lots of junking fun.


And you can always find the cool junk you are looking for in my Shop. 

Click any picture to start shopping

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mad Men Premier and Let's play Where's Margo's Pillow

Late last ast year I received this note with an Etsy sale,. 
Hi, I work on a TV show need this item ASAP. I was wondering when I could expect them to ship? 

Of course I inquired as to which show and was thrilled to find out it was Mad Men.  I am a huge fan and am really excited about this last season, but even more so to see if my pillow actually makes it into a set.

Season Premiere is Sunday 10/9c

 So here's the game.

 I don't know which show or if at all, but watch to see if you can spot this fun Orange and Yellow Pillow. Based on my research, it should be episode by episode 5. If you see it, let me know. I'll be watching too, but sometimes the shots are so fast things are easy to miss.

  Let the hunting begin.

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