Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Collection to End all Collections

I am currently helping a dear friend with her parent's estate. She's down to the last few boxes and I agreed to help her by listing several items on Etsy.    By several items, I mean about 15 boxes of very fun stuff.

This is only a few of the boxes I have to sort through :)
 As she is going through some of the boxes with me, we get to a bag and she starts laughing. "This is the "toilet paper" collection".  "No really" she said "it's a family joke, but Mom really does have a toilet paper collection".
 Through their extensive travels all over the world, she would grab a sampling of TP and save it as a souvenir.  Some of it had printed writing on it (which I found very interesting) and on some of it, she had hand written where it came from.
 The one marked "Government Property" was from Windsor Castle, So funny!
So there you have one of the strangest collections I've ever run across and as I told my friend. Definitely worth a "blog post".

If you want to follow along with what I'm listing that belonged to my friend. Just type "Bev" in the Etsy search box in my Etsy store. There are some neat items there :)
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