Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Empty Nest, Calming Guest Room

When my youngest moved out several years ago. I didn't want to just take over his room, but once he moved out the bed, there was really no reason to keep it just for him.  Since I  have a tendency to fill every empty space available with my junk, hubby was a bit concerned.  When he asked what plans I had for it, I said "nothing really" just maybe move some old furniture in there and make it an extra guest space.

The first problem was a large red  mural on one wall with Asian letters that spelled out his name in Chinese.  I didn't want to just paint over it, after all, he went to a lot of trouble to paint it. So I decided, for now, to just cover it up with these old survey maps I had.  They worked perfectly and with some careful arranging they cover the whole thing.

Then I moved in an old sleeper sofa and covered the ugly green plaid fabric with an inexpensive slip cover and a few carefully placed blankets.  All the furnituree you see, was brought in from other rooms, or was old furniture in the attic.  I did however, bring in a few special finds. Like the lamp, suitcase, and for some more color the pillows from Target.  Now it was taking on a life as a functional guest room.

I added this rail from an old Greyhound Wagon and hung, from vintage wooden hangers, a nice white terrycloth robe I found, brand new, at an estate sale.

Another old piece of furniture from our attic, this recliner allows a guest to sit back and relax.  Some of my old quilts are there for extra warmth on the bedding if needed. 
That recliner is actually very comfortable and I've taken many a nap in it.

 My home is blessed with large rooms and although it's more space than we need, we do enjoy having room for guests.  I decided to  bring in my old dining room table to use as a desk in here. Most guests travel with a lap top these days, so this gives them a place to plug in. 
The white walls need a bit of interest here an there, so a quick raid of my barn yeilded a few things that fit right in.  The mail box below, serves a dual purpose. I put all my son's mail in there, and hang a couple of clean towels for his use when he visits.
Some day this will be a play room for my grand kids, or serve a dual purpose as a play/guest room for them. I'm already gathering up vintage toys for that purpose.

I find this space amazingly calming. I'm not sure if it's because I have not over-decorated it or the white walls or the fun angles and natural light,  but it is very peaceful.  So if you come visit me, this is where you will stay. I hope my guests feel as calm as I do when I'm in this room. 
Just don't peek in the closets. They are still packed full of his junk.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Flea Market Style Fall 2014 now in stock

I have it in stock, but it won't be in stores until late August.
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Now in stock-the new Fall 2014 issue seen above as well as the other past issues pictured. 
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