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Saturday, May 19, 2007

I love Saturdays

Well I wasn't going to but decided to anyway. DH and I hit a few GS this morning and with his help and truck I was able to do well again.

I got this for 15.00

It's an old radio cabinet. The lid lifts up and there is a pocket inside for I don't know what, music, instructions etc. See the door sitting there on the ground.

Wouldn't that look good painted with stained glass behind it.

I also found 4 of these shutters yesterday.

I'm going to paint them and put tin ceiling in behind them.

Here are close ups of the metal parts to the lamp thingy. Right now it's holding
a roll of papertowels in my workshop.

Now for an idea in progress. Someday When DS #2 moves out, (he's only 15 now)
I'm going to do up a cottage blue/white bedroom. This will be the headboard for that room. I finally have all the pieces. It will be all white.

Those shutters are the only I've seen like this. There are louvered parts in the center and fixed parts on the outside of each one. Before this is made, I may find a different piece to use as the top but for now, this one is set aside.

Today my House need some attention, so no time for the workshop, that'll have to wait.


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Rosemary said...

You always find the best stuff. You have such creative ideas.
Have a great day!

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