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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Made another Birdhouse

I spent some time in the barn today, not as much as I'd like. I finished up another birdhouse.

Please take a look at Tina's blog for a great Old Window Greenhouse. She has information on how to order these wonderful items too.

See here

I am also whittling away at my "list" below of yuck stuff I have to do. Tomorrow my goal is to get my Car oil changed.

There is one estate sale in town tomorrow so I'll hit it on my way to work in the morning.

I wish more people would reply to my posts. I know people are viewing them based on the little counter I have, but very few responses except from rosemary and tina, and One Woman. Thanks to you all.
Everyone else, please let me know you are out there.

Everyone-Stay Safe


Tina said...

Hi Margo! I love that little is so cute! Cream and green~ the colors are perfect! And the link to my blog~ Linda will get some great advertisement! Great job!

deezie said...

Hi there,
I read your wonderful blog I am sorry I dont' post I will try to more I love your new birdhouse I of course want to make everything I see.

Debbie said...

Love the birdhouse! In fact, I love ALL your creations! Do you think you could have a family member take a picture of you in action in your barn? I'm interested to see a project-in-the-making and just see your barn with all its goodies! I'm slowly filling up an old shed with future T2T projects but haven't been able to get started on any of them - for now I just love to surround myself with all the possibilities! Thanks Margo!

Robolady said...

Thanks everyone,
Tina, that green seems to show up on everything I do.
Deezie, I want to make everything too, But we can't do it all.
Debbie, I'll try to get some pics of my barn up soon.

Rosemary said...

Hi Margo,
The birdhouse is really cute!
The more comments you leave on other people's blogs, the more responses, I think you will get.
I love reading all of the many blogs out there.

Nicole said...

Hey Margo!
I'm here too! :o)

I must let you know... You're the one who really spurred me on to the whole T2T thing! I LOVE the style! (Other than the fact that I'm 20, living at home, and I think I drive my poor mom crazy! Can't wait to get a home of my own!)
Your website is SO helpful! It's really "evolved" into quite the resource! THANKS!!!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the tip, Margo! :o) lol
I'm currently taking applications.
They can be sent to....

*LOL* Just kidding! ;o)
Thanks for checking out my blog though!

oliveoyl64 said...

With gas prices soaring, I will be spending MORE time at home and hopefully getting back to my creativity. Your stuff is inspiring.

Margaret said...

Hi Margo!
I ran across your blog via (I think your) Trash to Treasure page, which I ran across via the Garden Junk MSN page. You know how those things are, you just follow a link and before you know it (and 5 hours later) you end up on a really cool site and can't leave! Needless to say, your blog has been added to my Favorites so I'll be checking in frequently. This is great stuff!

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