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Friday, May 4, 2007

Page one updates have been made

Internet is working for now so I was able to update page 1.
I've got more great ideas to add throughout so keep checking daily. I've got some good stuff going on ebay this week too so keep an eye out.

My friend's MIL who did the painting of my home (see below) would love to have more business.
She will paint a watercolor of your home in the same style using pictures you provide. If you are interested please Let me know.

Here are my Garage Sale Finds from yesterday. Happy weekend everyone.

Below is some victorian Gingerbread:

This is an iron plant stand and a metal cabinet. I'm going to paint the cabinet green and repair the handles. It also has a key and works as a safe. Love the 3 little drawers on top. It's a real utilitarian piece and was cheap. I also found another piece of old luggage for $1. I Dont' need it but I picked it up anyway.

1 comment:

Rosemary said...

Great finds.
I got tagged for the first time. So I picked you at random to be tagged. See my blog.

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