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Monday, June 4, 2007

2 posts in 1 day, but I need advise.

I have a very large long wall in my LR. I'm ready for a change.
This is how it looks now.

This is really only 1/2 of the wall, it goes along beyond the pic, so I kinda have the room divided up into 2 areas. This is the TV watching area and this is the area in question. I'd like to change what is above the sofa.
I was thinking about something like this.

Keep in mind this is on my barn floor. I would have all the frames a goldish brownish color, keeping the largest jesso frame as it is. Then my idea is to fill the spaces with found objects. This is just a mock up for now. I have lots of objects I can scrounge around for to fill these spaces. I kinda like this. The shutter would be painted cream, i'll leave the tin as it is. The lock plates will be painted and distressed.Then for the architectural one at the bottom, i'll add a small shelf for the finial and paint it all cream. I also have some clock faces I could put in here, as well as shoe forms, etc. Well what do you think? Will it work in the space?

I told DH last week, to expect a change there so he's been prepared.

Oh and the bench is done, here it is with a quilt folded up for now as a cushion.


Rosemary said...

I love the frame idea, it's looks so interesting and original.
I think you shoud do it.
The bench is great!
Have a good day,

bec4 said...

I like the frames too! They look great.

~~ Melissa said...

Hello robomargo,

I think your idea will look quite charming. I look forward to seeing it hanging up.

The bench looks great too.

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