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Monday, July 2, 2007

Trash picking story

What is worse than throwing away a perfectly good crib, changing table and rocker? Dumping it on the side of the road. But that is exactly what someone did and I'm am the benefactor of this careless person's littering.

I decided to take a short cut down a back road and low-and-behold I spy a Genny Lind crib and assorted other items. Of course I pulled over, trodded through mud, high grass and ant hills in my sandals, and loaded it all into my tiny car as quickly as possible.

Here are the spoils, as well as my silly DH.

I can't wait to see what all of this becomes. I'm now re-invigerated to go out and create.

Also, I took my camera with me today to snap a pic of this great shutter display. This is a local Florist shop and I just love this that they have on their porch. It's such a great color. I think I'm going to try and copy it. I have the shutters and I think it would look great somewhere outside. Now to get the color just right.


Garden_Antqs said...

I love the display that the floral shop used; very pretty. I bet you can recreate it!!

Rosemary said...

You crack me up with your amazing side of the road finds.
Your husband is very cute!!
Love that floral shop.
Have a Happy 4th.

bec4 said...

Great finds! I also love those green shutters. Shutters must not be a popular thing here in Montana--I rarely find any! You are doing great on your stash--you should be proud of yourself. How is your son doing?

Anonymous said...

Just painted some old doors I had a fabulous color called "Muted Lime" by Pratt and Lambert. It MAY work for your shutters. It is now my NEW favorite paint color!
Good luck!
Tonya from Anacortes, WA

Debbie said...

Although I like the shutter display, they should be copying YOU! You are way more creative and originally unique. Either way, I'm sure it will turn out great! I also love your trash-find story - why do people feel they need to dump their stuff when there are people like us who want it?? Have fun!

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