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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Recent find, and Barn displays

I wanted to share my most recent treasure find with you. Last weekend I found this great doll crib at an ES. The side actually folds down.

I will display it with a small quilt and maybe some stuffed animals for the Barn sale.

Here are some of the other displays I'm Working on for the Sale. I've never done a booth or anything before so this is new for me. The art of merchandising for a sale.
I'm still working on it, I'm trying to group like things together, but I am also working with a very ugly back drop. So here's the beginning.

A Bucket of birdhouses

You can see all my cleaning and pricing supplies in this lovely pic

Cottage Corner

Primitives Parkway

Well That is all for now, Back to arranging, cleaning, and re-arranging.

Oh and it looks as if I've been bitten by a brown recluse spider. Never fear, I don't seem to be having any huge reaction, just a bruise the size of a nickel with 2 nice little puncture marks in the center. It doesn't hurt, it's not growing and I do not know when it happened. Actually the Ant bites I got yesterday are more bothersome. This really is hazardous work :)


Robyn Haas said...

Oohhh! A Barn sale! Looks inviting to me! Sorry to hear about the bite! Those can be nasty...

Dawnie said...

After we had all just breathed a collective sigh of relief over the black widow, you went and got bit by a brown recluse? EEK! You are going to make me too afraid to go picking anything thing up for a week! (Notice I didnt say a month, hehe)

Everything is looking great for the barn sale, I can't wait!

Robolady said...

I'll never know for sure it was a Brown Recluse, but it was something strange. I've never had a bite look like this before. But It's not as bad as the pics on the net show. Just looks like a bruise. Looks like it's healing up too. I guess I'm Immune, made of steel or something like that ;). Now these ant bites on my ankles are killing me. I HATE FIRE ANTS!!!! they are mean, and wait until they are up your leg to start biting, then you've got several on you and for sure, several bites.

Rosemary said...

Wow Margo,
I thought those were pretty bad spiders. You are tough!!
Be careful!

Robolady said...

I Am The "RoboLady" HooRah!!!

TinaTx said...

It's looking good Margo! I've got the sale dates on my calendar. I hear ya with the fire ants! Nasty little buggers.

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