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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Barn Sale, New Blog, and Remembering

I'm surprisingly not very nervous. Maybe I will be when the time gets here. I guess my biggest fears are that nobody will come, or that too many will come. Oh well, Whenever I get anxious I ask myself "what is the worst that could happen, and can you live with that?" and the answer is- yes.

Right now I'd like to highlight the blog of someone who is young and energetic and has recently written about some of her great T2T projects.

is from Nebraska, and likes the simple life. Check out her blog, she doesn't get many comments, so be sure to drop her a note. She has recently posted some great T2T projects, that you'll be seeing on my web pages soon. Be sure to check out the Light that her Father made from an old bucket.

Well, back to getting ready for the sale, I'm sure I'll have stories to tell afterwards. Can't wait to meet some fellow bloggers who will be coming.

And on a final note. I am spending the day remembering 9-11-01 as we all are. I wanted to take this time to thank all of the firefighters and emergency workers out there. Those who rush in while we rush out. Recently out little volunteer FD lost 2 firemen in the line of duty, one was only 19 yrs old. You guys are the best, and what you do is greatly appreciated. Our world has forever changed and I am thankful that I can rest in the peace of knowing that there IS someone in control, and I can live a fearless life.

In Peace


Nicole said...

Awww... Shucks!
Thanks Margo! :o)

I feel so special! You made my day!

Sher said...

You're probably not nervous because you're READY for the sale! You've planned, organized, advertised, etc. and started getting ready weeks ago. If you had waited until this week to start, you'd be deservedly nervous! You're going to do well and everyone there, including you and your helpers, are going to have a great time! Way to go!

Dawnie said...

Thanks for the link to Nicole's blog, I am always on the lookout for good T2T blogs, so keep em comin' when you find them! I need inspiration wherever I can find it when my brain has fried, and the PC is where I always turn first! :)

I agree with Sher, you shouldn't be nervous for the barnsale because you have put so much work into it so far in advance, it is very ready! I can't wait to see the little sections, it's gonna be great!!

Robolady said...

Dawnie, are you coming?

Rosemary said...

I predict that your sale will be a big hit. I will check out Nicole's blog.
Have a wonderful day!

Simply Me Art said...

Good Luck on your Sale, you will do Wonderful. I wish I lived near by I would be there in a Heartbeat!!!

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