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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A few new old things

I wanted to take a pic of some of the goodies I've received over the last couple of weeks. There is just something wonderful about having a package in the mail. Even if it's something you ordered and you know what is inside. It's that whole delayed satisfaction rush thing. Well I guess I went on an online buying binge, because I've rec'd several packages over the last week or so.

there are very few people who would get this excited about old rusty metal things. But I rec'd my package with about 26 euscutcheon plates and then another with 26 old keys. More Jewelry will be forthcoming. Then Today I got these 2 french price cards that I had ordered from Paris Parfait (see blog side bar).
I put one up on my inspiration board, with what is becoming a number/letter collection.

This pocket watch was in with a bunch of old watches that I bought on the Hwy 80 sale. When I tried to get the face out, it began to crackle so I stopped, glued it all back together and then decopaged the remaining portion of the face so it wouldn't fall apart. Then I added a pinback and I think it works great as a pin. I like the "broken" look of it.

And here is my latest Euscutcheon Creation, available for purchase if you like.

I also wanted to show you one of my favorite T2T furniture pieces. I made this with leftover wood and old gym baskets that I found in someones trash. I use it to store jewelry
supplies. I really like this piece, and it is NOT for sale. :)

I'll be in Oklahoma for a few days visiting my only living grandparent, so I'll talk you to again next week.



Wanda said...

I like the broken look of the pocket watch, too.

You bought some cool stuff and already creating with it! I'm impressed!

Joy said...

I love your Euscutcheon Creation, can it be made into a keychain or would it be too heavy??

Kari & Kijsa said...

OOOH- we are drooling at teh box of old keys and escutcheons-yummy old rusty goodies!! great stuff!

kari & kijsa

Simply Me Art said...

Margo, Love the Pin your made and the Pocket watch is Great... Hope you are having fun.

Jenny said...

Wonderful all of them!!
Came here via Joy! Will be returning...probably daily!!LOL

pedalpower said...

What a wonderful inspiration board you have! Is it an old ladder? Love the piece in your kitchen too!

Rosemary said...

I have missed you. I just got back from the wedding weekend.
Thanks for the nice comments.
Love your new fun stuff.
I have my pin right here next to me. Love it.

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