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Monday, October 8, 2007

I want to go to France

It seems like a lot of the stuff I am drawn to these days is French. And after reading Fifi's blog my love of all things French is growing. Today I found
this blog.

It's absolutely lovely with lots of pictures of Paris life and Antiques. I really love these dishes that she photographed in a local shop. paris Parfait Blog

I really want them, but alas, they are in a shop in Paris.

So I say Let's get a Paris road trip of bloggers and just go shopping. Fifi could be our interpreter and tour guide. We'll hit all the best Junk shops and find some great things to bring back. We'll have lots of fun getting to know each other, and shopping and eating, and drinking. No men allowed;) Well a girl can dream can't she.


Holiday said...
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Rosemary said...

I really want to go to Paris too Margo. I want to go to the flea markets there as well as the shops.
We should do a blogging convention in Paris.

Dawnie said...

Well, I was all "on board" with this blogging trip to Paris thing, til I figured out you were talking about France, and not Paris Texas... alas, I guess I will have to check out the new blog and ooohh and aaaaahhh over that stuff to hold me over for a while! ;)

I love the *history* of Europe, the age of it, I guess I should say... something that I don't feel alot of here in Texas... nothing here is more than 150 or 200 years old... I think that is part of the fascination for me...

Sher said...

I'll go! Don't leave without me!

Linda said...

A Paris trip would be wonderful, love to visit their flea markets. Linda

Anonymous said...

About 20 years ago I did the Paris Flea Markets. Alas, I had no money, but they were fabulour (albeit expensive). Margo, if you're serious, check out "come flea with me" (google them). I think they do yearly trips.

I have a friend who lives in Belgium, and she says THAT's where we should go!

Vintage Sue

Robolady said...

It all sounds good Sue. But every time I think about going on a trip to find junk, I realize that I've got the best Junk right here, and Oh what I could buy for the cost of a trip.

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