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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Trip to Henderson

Teresa of Garden Antiques News posted about a "clutter" sale in Henderson. I've been wanting to visit Henderson TX for awhile, so DH and I headed out this morning.
What a wonderful sale. This lady and her friends have been doing this for 3 years. She has a home on some beautiful property, with a couple of outbuildings and they are full of well displayed junque. I snapped some pics for you to enjoy.

Only in Texas

"Not your typical White Trash" is the name of Lorraine White's place. She runs this sale
Here is Lovely Lorraine, and what a sweet lady.

I loved Lorraine's whimsical displays

i loved how this jewelry was displayed on these old photos

Below are the "pot heads" What a fun whimsical use of old junk

This one was well endowed

Pot Heads

What do you do with an old set of bedsprings? well you hang your dishes from it of course.

Yard Art


TinaTx said...

What cute junque! It has been a while since I've been to Henderson - looks like I should plan a trip sometime soon!
So what came home with you?

Debbie P. said...

What a great place! So much inspiration! Those number tags look right up your alley!

Garden_Antqs said...

Margo: thanks so much for the tour, sure wish I could have been there.

Robolady said...

Tina, I brought home one of those round number things, I was told they were Jockey numbers. I also brought home some ceramic bells, and some other little trinkets, I didn't spend much.
Debbie P: ;)
Teresa, It was a great place, you'd have loved it. And the prices wern't bad either.

Wanda said...

I was going to ask if you bought some round numbers. That's what I'd have wanted, too.

vintage sue said...

Echoing everyone else's question, I was betting you got some of those numbers. BTW, what is your favorite number? I scored an old game this weekend, and want to send you a few numbers.....

Vanessa said...

Looks like a wonderful sale. You didn't mention buying anything, though. Just curious....

Joy said...

I love love love the black and cream colored numbers! Did you buy any???

Joy said...

Oh I see that you did!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Margo ~ I am so glad that you posted lots of pics ~ It is so fun to see all of the stuff ~
Thank you for your great idea for the charms !!! I will have to add that as an idea of what to do !

Rosemary said...

Very cool stuff Margo!!
What a fun sale. Wish I could have come with you.

Anonymous said...

What a fun day!


lorraine said...

hey robot girl!!!!!!
thanks for coming to the 3rd ANNUAL CLUTTERFUL HARVEST! and thanks for the photo op! my barn door is always open if anyone wants to make a trip!I tried my hand at setting up a blogspot last night. NOT YOUR TYPICAL WHITE TRASH
let me hear from all of you! or email me at

Victoria's Cottage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Victoria's Cottage said...

Hey GREAT JUNK Margo! Tell me more about Garden Antiques News - is it a newspaper? You find the coolest places to visit & shop!

Robolady said...

Garden Antiques News is a blog maintained by Theresa Cano
Check it out it's full of great news of shows and pictures and her wonderful finds.

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