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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have had a couple of really hectic days at work and I felt the need to decompress today. So at lunch, and then later around 3:00 I went junking. I found a few neat items. Some red transferware for a future wreath. a plate with clocks on it, and some trinkets for jewelry. Mostly I visited, hunted, and let the stress of the day just fall away.

For those who have asked or are wondering, I will NOT be doing the reality show that was mentioned in the previous post. They'd have to offer me a lot more money for that kind of public humiliation.

Also, be sure to check out my

web page tomorrow evening, for detailed instructions for the china wreath below, with pictures.
Have a great day.


TinaTx said...

Oh, come on Margo - just think how much junk you could buy with twenty grand! LOL (I hear ya, I wouldn't do it either!!!!)
Cool clock plate! I know you were excited to find that.
So when are we going to go to Mineola to check out the shops there?

Rosemary said...

Looks like you found some great stuff again. Love the red dishes.
Glad you had fun.
Rosemary said...

You did... it you found red transferee ware... WOW .... you have got to take me to some of your junk places. Those dishes are lovely.... what a junker... you are awesome..

misselaineous said...

Love the red transfer ware dishes..where did you go junkin' on the 19th of December?? Even here in suny Florida, we have NO sales at all this weekend and even the local Flea, which was awesome last wednesday, looked like a ghost town! I've consoled myself with several TS trips, found some neat stuff today. Bits n pieces for more projects, which have all been shelved for the week. Still haven't finished my DIL's stocking! and Christmas is only 3!!! days away!! Will it all get done? And if it doesn't, who will know? HMMM...Merry Christmas, Margo. *Elaine*

Inspired Tokens said...

Nothing like junking to relieve the stress and decompress! Looks like you found some wonderful pieces. (Also, love the wreath from your previous post.) How unique is that? Wishing you and your family a safe and wonderful (and relaxed) holiday!

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