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Thursday, December 6, 2007

A little more Christmas

As I said before, I'm getting to Christmas kinda slowly this year. I hope to get the tree and porch done this weekend, but for now I'm just piddling at it. I dressed up my Wagon with a little Christmas Bling, and some pine branches from the yard.

do you see those old skates there at the wheel of the wagon. Those are leather and are very old. I got them last weekend in Canton. They sure have character.

I've got a couple of fun items in my "Projects of the week" this week so be sure to check out my web page later today.



Rosemary said...

The wagon looks so cute Margo!
Those skates are really great!
Have a great night,

Joy said...

This is too darn cute. I love your style Margo. :)

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