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Monday, February 25, 2008

Finished projects

thank you to everyone who has posted regarding the magazine thing. I must say that it has been a goal of mine to get something, anything into a magazine. It's a great pat on the back, and I am excited.

I realized yesterday, that I no longer have any unfinished projects laying around. I just kept working on this and working on that, and now it's all done. It kinda feels good. Since I am not able to do a show that I thought I would be doing, I now have lots of stuff made, that I need to sell. So, I'm going to take a little break, until the inspiration hits me again. That doesn't mean I won't be doing projects, it just means I won't be frantic about it. I'll just do them as the inspiration hits me.
so here are a couple of my recently finished projects.

I finally found some baskets for this little cabinet

And finished up this shutter shelf unit.

I just love how these little faucet flowers turned out.

And this is what I did with my fire engine from the Red Shed girls.
I've also completed a few projects that I'll be posting on my web site as weekly projects, so you'll have to wait for those.
Now to get this house cleaned up.


Sher said...

Margo, those faucet flowers are just too darned cute! I had to smile as soon as I saw them. And I love the nostalgia of the little petal car! Great job, as usual!

TinaTx said...

Love the faucet flowers! Too cute!

Joy said...

The flower faucets - amazing! You are giving those Junk girls a run for their money!

Love the fire engine too....

Shelley said...

Hello Margo, I just love everything. What a great job you did on everything. Congrats on the Country Home article. It's one of my favorite magazines.


Rosemary said...

Great projects Margo!
I love the way the baskets look in that cabinet. The fire truck looks so cute in the yard.
Have a great night!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Everything looks great...I really like how the baskets look on those shelves and the little pedal car is adorable in the garden.

Glad that you're taking a breather from all the projects...I can't imagine that it'll last too long. ;>

Linda's Blue Gate said...

I'm just getting caught up and saw you are going to be in the magazine.... I'm so proud for you...and MOST well deserved.... yeah for Margo,,,

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hey Margo, I like that you've changed your blog, that's what I was working on last night but since I haven't decided I left as is. Maybe see you in Canton tomorrow. T

Inspired Tokens said...

I love the cabinet...what a change from when you started with it! Your faucet flowers are adorable! Now, I definetly can't wait for spring!

linda t said...

Oh, I am loving the faucet flowers!!! Waaaay cool and creative! You inspire the heck out of me!

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