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Sunday, April 20, 2008

And The winner is....

Thank you all for entering my little Anniversary give-away. The winner was drawn by my DH and it is... Ruth Ann Shal. Ruth Ann, you have been notified and please send me your address so I can send out your goodies.

If you didn't win, but would like some of the faucet flowers, I do sell them for 2.50 ea. Shipping costs will vary, depending on how many you want and where they are going. Just drop me a note if you are interested.

And thank you all for your opinions on the Wagon. I think I am going to pass for now, it is a bit pricey, even at the dealers discount. I'm sure I'll run across one in my huntings for less and when I do, I'll scoop it up.

Thanks to all my readers, lurkers, and posters. You keep me going and i appreciate you stopping by to read about my adventures. One year down, many more to go.

Love to you all,


Rose said...

Congrats to Ruth Ann on winning the prizes.
I think most of us were on both sides of the fence on the wagon, ultimately it is your decision, if we each would have donated a dollar for our entry, you would have only had to pay 112.00 That was figured by your 10 percent discound -15.00, -33.00, a dollar for each post, havta do something like that next time.
Anyway you look at it this was fun.
Have a great Sunday.

Sher said...

Congratulations, Ruth Ann! You're a lucky gal!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Hearty congrats to Ruth Ann! I'm sure that this has made her day!!

(I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a serendipitous find in the wagon department.)

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