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Monday, April 14, 2008

A Few New Things

Do you remember the 2 screens I picked up awhile back?

Well I decided to use them as "walls" in my booth.

I have a lot less wall space in this booth so I need all I can get. These work nicely. I've also added 2 china swags to my inventory

I really like this one, I love the colors in these dishes. And I was able to use my Periwinkle
pearls on it.
And here's a little "old lady" viniette I worked up today.

It's all coming along nicely. I've also got 3 items on ebay this week.

Well That is all for now, Hope you all have a great junkin week.


Simply Me Art said...

Looks Great Margo, Happy Selling! You are so Creative and Talented

TinaTx said...

The screens make a perfect 'wall'! Love that new swag too - if I only had a place to hang one.
Great pic of you on the blog too!
See ya soon. (I'm trying to work Gresham into my week - watching the weather. Is it all indoors?)

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Your transparent walls are such a good idea! It doesn't close in your space, but gives the room that you need for display. Perfect, Margo!

bec4 said...

It all looks so nice. I especially like he colors in the swag that you like. The screen idea is a good one. I might have to do something like that in my booth.

Heidi ( said...

Very nice setting, I'd love to be there in person!
Everday Cookies blog

Vanessa said...

I love that shoe stretcher hook thingy :) Very cool! I did a little "trash to treasure" blog post today and mentioned you!

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