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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

project for the day

Last night, while flipping through an old garden/landscape magazine. I saw a product, that inspired me. I kinda hate that, when I get inspired at 11:00 PM and have to go to sleep, then go to work the next morning, and it's late afternoon before I get started. But I held onto the inspiration and did the project. I knew that I had everything I needed in my stash of stuff, and here it is.

I'm almost afraid to show the inspiration picture, because it looks so much better than mine, but here goes.

I had an old wind chime that I had taken apart to re-work, but had never gotten to. So I pulled out the parts and used the pipes from it. Then I glued a finial to the top of a metal thing that I had and then I just started hanging stuff from it. I don't know if the chimer is too far away from the actual chimes for it to work right, but I like it anyway.
And Shelly, those are the prisms you left me on there, I love them, they are so big. I'm keeping this one for myself.

There are 2 sales tomorrow, can't wait.
See ya,


Simply Me Art said...

Margo that is so Great. yours is Gorgeous. Are you going to make more and sell them or keep them all for yourself? hehehe, Fantastic as usual... Jamie

Doris said...

I wish I had a junk 'drawer' like yours!!! What a neat project! I love looking in on your's always inspiring.

Inspired Tokens said...

Oh, I've seen this chime. I adore it. I guess my brain just doesn't connect sometime. I love your inspiration. Great idea. Your chime looks beautiful, just beautiful.

TinaTx said...

It looks great, Margo! I don't blame you one bit for keeping it for yourself!

A Lovely Thing said...

I prefer yours, Margo. Much more interesting items!

smith kaich jones said...

Margo - tag. You're it! I've tagged you. If you don't know what to do or what this means, the details are on my blog. If you DO know, then that means you've probably been through all this before . . . and . . . but surely you won't mind going through it again?!

Shelley said...

Hi Margo, it's beautiful...I knew you would do something wonderful with the prisms. Glad you decided to keep the wind chime,bet it has a lovely sound...


Jan said... word...WONDERFUL!
Great job! Jan

Joy said...

Actually, I prefers YOURS!


pedalpower said...

I like yours better too!

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