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Monday, May 19, 2008

Junk is coming to me

A good friend of mine, brought me this great junk today. I was just thrilled and Oh the possibilities.

Old Buttons and Prisms galore.....
This is one good thing about having a booth. People are starting to know that I will re-purpose their unwanted junk, and they are starting to bring it to me. I am so blessed. Thanks to my friend for this great stash of stuff.

Monday is booth day for me. It's the time to put out all the new goodies I found over the weekend. Today I had lots of larger items to put out and so I had to re-do many displays. Here are some pics . See anything you like? Just Let me know.
Child's Playouse Shelf, and wall hutch with mini dishes.

Not much new here, just moving stuff around

I had so much fun setting up my little hutch

This is a fun idea I saw on teresa cano's page awhile back. Cloche full of dishes, stacked willy-nilly.

Wire cloche with bird nest, on T2T cake plate.

I just love this old music box, jewelry box.

Disguising the back of my screen divider with old picture frame collage.

It was really hot today, 94 degrees in May. That's the price we pay for our great weather weekend. From unseasonable cool, to unseasonably hot. Oh well, in Texas we just roll with the punches, when it comes to heat waves. God Bless Air Conditioning.
Over and out,


Vanessa said...

Oh, wow! Your booth is looking great! I still want to come shopping there. Love all your creative goodness!

TinaTx said...

Nice box of goodies you got there! I'm sure your head is just spinning with ideas.
Your booth is looking really great!

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

love your stuff! thanks for putting us on your links! we'll happily do the same.
Does that old black telephone work? How much?
xo lulu

smith kaich jones said...

Yes indeedy, God Bless Air Conditioning. Thanks so much for your kind words re: my crazy Sunday & my mom's fortress of a house. They were much appreciated.
And PS - Your booth IS looking wonderful. I need to stop by again as soon as we get through this last crazy school week - we do school pix & are under the gun right now.

Again, thanks!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You do a beautiful job of merchandising. The folks who have flea market tables here could take a few lessons.

Betty Jo said...

Your booth, and blog, are awesome. Since I'm new around here, may I ask where your booth is located? xoxo

A Lovely Thing said...

Very nice displays, Margo.

Can't you just tweak the booth for hours? I know I do and when I look up it's dinner time.

How large is your booth?

Magnolia Street Style said...

It must be loads of fun decorating a booth. Yours looks great.


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