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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shopping fun, the Clock obsession continues

Or should I say Clocks and numbers and letters oh my!
I found this great set of clock hands today while I was out being bad.

When I got home I thought I'd hang them on a wall somewhere, but They seem to be at home up there on my hutch. Which meant that my hutch needed some "theme adjustment".
This is what I went to buy when I found the clock hands.

don't these ceramic letter balls look great in that clear vase. I've put out some of my Red White and Blue stuff for the upcoming patriotic holidays.
Continuing the clock and B&W theme

See the letter cards that spell out TIC-TOCK
And for my clock mish- mash in a conservatory, I added letter balls I, V and X for the corresponding roman numerals.

And I picked up some flags for my stamp, test tube thingie

And yesterday I broke down and purchased some magazines. Love the way this ceiling tin is done above this bed in Romantic country Mag, page 61

And look at how this person has made art out of old calendar pages from Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion on page 92-93. I love all the BW decor on page 93.

So my pocket book is empty, but I'm happy with my purchases.
Enjoy your Thursday.


misselaineous said...

Morning Margo...Love your finds, as come up with the most unique ways to display your treasures! What is the conservatory sitting on?? Is it some kind of old spice cabinet? Haven't found any new treasures lately...sales have not been good at all...I have a letter obsession as well, so I can understand the clock obsession!! :) *elaine*

Simply Me Art said...

Margo, Great Finds as usual. i really Love the clock hands. I like how you put the roses in the Vial thingy too. I have been into the mags lately too. I have been going thru all my oldies...

Rosemary said...

Hi Margo,
I have been looking for those letter balls. Where do I get them????
Love all of your finds,

Sonja said...

Love the clock hands! You did a great job displaying them on your hutch.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

It won't matter so much about the empty pocketbook if your heart is full. I like your newly themed hutch.

Sher said...

Once again, you scored BIG! ;) I love it all (as usual)!

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