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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Junky Finds, Fun and Games

I'm going to interrupt the Central Texas Antique Store tour for a day, to show you my great finds from today. There were 2 estate sales in town today, and I did well at each of them. As well as hitting a couple of my favorite spots. All buys were great deals IMHO.
One of my first great finds was this unusual wooden very old croquet set.

Now I don't know if you find this, but It seems to me that I can visit several sales and end up with a theme when I get home, I guess my theme today was fun and games because I also found this great old fose-ball table (how do you spell that)

And this old bingo game

And a very old iron toy train engine

I also found some great all purpose junk.

Aren't these nice. They would be great place card holders, or ephemera, sign, or picture holders.

This old chippy lamp will become a candle holder centerpiece

Random Junk, I loved the S latch and the shape of the rake. and I always need knobs and bottles.
My best find was the croquet set, what a beauty and so unusual. The fose ball table and croquet set will be available at my Barn Sale.
Back to the antique tours tomorrow.


Carol said...

I love that old foosball table! I won a foosball tourney when I was in high school (no, not playing on a table THAT old!LOL!)
Love your other finds too!

Susanna said...

Hey! My parents have a croquet set almost exactly like that in their garage! We played with it all the time growing up.

Wendy said...

You found some good junk! $1 for the knobs?! And I love they croquet set!

Ki said...

I wish my name started with S. I do love letters! I suppose it doesn't count if I have 2 ss in the middle of my last name. We should all put up letters on the same day and trade or something. Got any K's?


Traci said...

Kewl theme.....I can't wait to see how you use it.

Sher said...

Margo, have you checked out Ebay to see what those old croquet sets are going for?

Love that junque!


SecondHandRosie said...

Love the S latch and wouldn't you know it, that just happens to be my last initial.......neener neener! LOL

Are you planning on using it, or selling it? (Hint hint...)

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