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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Hand Form Project

I'm off to the Junk Bonanza...
We'll by now my Junk Bonanza adventure is getting started. Wednesday is devoted to travel, but it's one step closer the the great junk deals. Would you believe we are getting started at 6:30 am Thursday, to get to the early shopping at the Bonanza. It's amazing what I'll do for good Junk. Maybe I need therapy-NOT. As promised, I have another project for you today, using the glove forms. There are more posts and projects in the queue for Friday and Sunday so check back.

What will your guests think when they see this Lazy Susan. I've taken an existing Lazy Susan I had and added the forms to it. These could be glued down, or even screwed in. If you did not want to damage your Lazy Susan, you could mount the forms to wood pieces and then attach the pieces together in the center to make it strong, and then simply lay it on top of your Lazy Susan. Then I just added some bowls and a plate to the center (to cover the uglies) and that is it. What fun this would be for chips and dip.

The last project will be my favorite


Sher said...

Leave it to Margo to come up with such a fun idea!

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

You ideas win 'hands down'....yok yok yok...
Hey...will u be at Warrenton/Round TOP? and if so will u have your soak? I buy&sell vintage/antique quilts and I'd like to try it.
xo lulu

Carol said...

Now that is just too cute! Are you going to sell it? And where could I find some of those hands?
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

These projects aren't quite right. I am searching for glove forms to display my massive vintage glove collection and you are turning the forms into other things. No wonder I can't find them!!

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