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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hunting Dead People

Yet another background. My other one was too busy, and at times hard to read, so I'm trying this one. Thank you for your patience.

My DH is into genealogy, and I mean really into it. When we go junking he is always lagging behind or ahead looking through old pictures. It really upsets him when families don't value their historical photo's. He feels that there is someone out there looking for these pics and he is compelled to do something about it. If it weren't for time and money he'd probably buy any and all pics that had names on them and try to find the families. This brings me to this past weekend in Canton. He came across this book:

He began talking to the dealer that had the book and found out that this dealer had purchased the entire estate and that the son didn't want any of this stuff. Also, that there were family records, trees, and documents going way back.

Well DH just couldn't stand it. The book was $45 and he couldn't see himself buying it, but he got all the info from the dealer, came home and started looking. Sure enough there was a genealogy forum for the surname of this estate. He contacted them and he's gotten several people who are very interested in this info and have actually been looking for info on that "line" of the tree. He has directed them to the dealer. I hope these documents find their rightful home.

This makes him feel a little better, but I'm sure he'll still keep looking at the backs of all these old photo's.

Hurricane Update:
Nothing but Drizzle here. You can read more about my town's involvement in humanitarian and refugee aid, by reading these articles, from the local college paper. And by the way....they were written or co-written by my son. Woo Hoo!
here & here


Brandi said...

Love your blog, just found it tonight.... so much to look at!! :o)

pedalpower said...

Good heavens. It always amazes me that people will get rid of this stuff. Good for your husband...going the extra mile to see if there is someone in the family who would like this. The original owner should have done that.

YOur new background is great. The old one never loaded for me, but this one loaded very quickly.

Angela said...

Your husband is VERY sweet to care about this. It breaks my heart too to see all those photos at antique stores etc. I cherish the old old photos I do have of my family, thankfully. Love your new background. Thanks for the info on the website (Shelscraps). I got me a new one too and I love it!

Sher said...

Applause to your DH for taking the time to do that!

Debbie P. said...

I know exactly how your DH feels! Or if I come across an old pic of a house and there is an address on the back, I've always wanted to go find that house and maybe the new owner would appreciate an old pic of their home.

Vicki T said...

I feel the same way your DH does. When I see those old pix in an antique store, it breaks my heart that either no one wanted them or no one was left in line to inheirit them.

Cynthia Holt Ziemian said...

Hats off to your DH!!! I, myself just started doing my gen last year and has it ever been fun and interesting! I saw several old family albums, during the 127 sale here and it just kills me thinking that some family member is out there looking for those exact items! What a great thing he did! Kudos from another 'amateur' geneologist!!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Hey! I'm actually going to the Bonanza with Red Shed--aren't you going with them too? It'll be great to meet you & the others from the online junk world! I'm looking forward to fun, new friends, & lots of great shopping!!

Stacey said...

what a darling man!

Attic Rat said...

Great blog!

My son got caught in traffic while evacuating. He had been on an oilfield job. It took him from 8am to 3 pm to get from Beaumont to Sugarland. His left leg sure got tired from pushing in and letting out of the clutch on that old truck.

I hope everyone faired okay.


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