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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Historic Hwy 80 Sale

DH is such a trooper. He goes junking with me, just to be with me. This weekend is the Historic Hwy 80 sale. When I told him about it, he said, "I can't go Friday, but we could go on Saturday" so off we went this morning around 10:00. First we drive to Gladewater, which is about 30-40 mins, Then after shopping in the multitude of shops there in the city, we head west, towards Mineola.
Normally a 30 minute drive. But along the way are dotted Yard sales, Garage sales, and just junk sales all along hwy 80. I prefer the junk sales myself. It's a lot of driving, stopping, looking etc. finally around 3:00 we get to Mineola. We continue aways past that city and hit a few more sales and then head home. Another 30-40 minute drive. He drove the whole way, carried heavy stuff, and waited in the car like a real champ. He didn't always wait in the car, but if the sale looked as if there were no Mantiques, then he'd wait for me. Thanks R for putting up with my obsession.

Here's what I found

That tall yellow basket is a tennis ball picker-upper. Ever since I passed one up in MN I've wanted one. Now I'll fill it with fun fall stuff for my porch. There's also a metal gear, a horn, a yellow enamel trivet, some lamp parts, and a great divide box that you'll see later. And all those pieces of wood are piano keys, both Black and white. The little dress form was DH's idea. "you can do something with that" he said. He has such faith in me. I've got an idea already.

Here's a close up of some of the metal stuff

also, I found this great old baby carriage, the wheels alone were worth what I paid. Don't worry, It's not slated for demolition, but if it doesn't sell, it might be. The coffee table will be painted and distressed in some way, and look at that wonderful metal carrier.

Christy, are you drooling yet. Those star shaped things are sprinklers, I think. I got 3 of them.

This is that great divided box. For now it will hold tools, and supplies in my workshop. Someday it might be sold. It's taller in the back than in the front and slants downwards. I just think it's wonderful. Especially with my continuous quest for organization, and my desire to stop knocking things off my work bench.

Most of these items are for sale except the tennis ball basket and the divided metal piece. Please inquire if you are interested.

In Addition to junking today. On our way up to gladewater I saw a sign that said "sky diving". I thought to myself, "who would want to do that, Doesn't sound too safe". About 1 1/2 later my 22 yr old son calls me and says. "guess what I'm doing today?" "what" I say. "going skydiving" is his reply. Turns out he was going to do a story on it for the college paper, and they had an extra spot. It was a tendem jump, so training was minimal. The paper paid for it, so off he went. Needless to say I was nervous all afternoon, but he landed safely, got his pic taken in the air, and has a story to tell. Before he went up, I reminded him how hard birthing him was, and that I really wanted him to go on for a bit longer (joking of course). Well I'm glad he landed safely on the ground and hope he doesn't do it again. Will have a pic for you soon.

Have a great weekend.


WhisperWood Cottage said...

Great haul, Margo! Love the basket and divider! The horn is cool, too. Do you know anything about it?


That Girl Ang said...

Hey Margo - I am interested in the Mannequinn/dressform piece...

csudderth said...

I am sooooo drooling!

Michelle said...

I think your metal divided thing could be a cash register drawer, maybe? Definately something which makes it easier to remove the contents of the divided areas.

You sure found a lot of goodies!

Unknown said...

I love that baby carriage! I wonder how much postage would be...send me an email, okay?

TinaTx said...

Looks like you had a great day!
Glad your baby made it back to earth safely!

Anonymous said...


Once again you found lots of goodies! I don't think those star shaped metal things are sprinklers. I think they are the inside part of a restaurant type gas stove...the little holes are where the gas/flame comes out.

:) Jan

Anonymous said...

You can just roll that wheelbarrow full of junk to my doorstep, thank you very much.

What a great weekend haul you got!


pammiejo said...

Wanted you to be sure and see "your inspiration" on my blog. You have such GREAT ideas and I'm constantly watching for items that you've inspired me to watch for. PAM

Lauri Evans said...

I have JUNK ENVY...what a haul!
ox lulu

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