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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rain didn't keep em away-Gresham Barn Sale Part 2

As much as we need the rain here in NE Texas, it was not welcome today. It's never welcome when a big sale is happening, but, sometimes it comes anyway. Despite the down pour, shoppers came out for pre-view night at the Gresham Barn Sale.

Jodi had great t-shirts made for her workers

Look how creatively she displayed my faucet chandies

All the displays were beautiful

I love this scale

She hung my various wall pockets inside larger frames, love it!!!!

Here's what I got

2 unusual hymnal pockets, a pipe mold, and a "wreath easel"
Watch for projects with all of it.
Be sure to come out for shopping Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. There's lots left.


Jenny S said...

How does this work? You drop your items off and they put everyones stuff all together so you don't have a "booth"? Just asking for ideas around here...NC!

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

Looks like a great sale! Another one to put on my "places to visit someday" list. I made another "junk" project the other day. It is posted on my blog.

Sand Flat Farm said...

Hey Margo! I dropped by the Gresham barn sale today on my lunch hour! Looked like they had a ton of stuff. I can just about pick out all your items! They were TOO cute. I didn't have but about 15 minutes today. I'll have to go back tomorrow or Saturday. I had to work late today! Shoot! Talk to you soon - Vickie

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