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Friday, October 10, 2008

Wonderful Fun Fabrics

I was wondering around Hobby Lobby this week. Which is a very dangerous thing to do, because I always find something I want. I began to browse the fabric department and I fell in love with some vintage inspired prints. Sewing is not my thing these days, but these fabrics made me wish I was a sewer. So I decided to get me 1/3 yd of about 4 different fabrics and see what I could come up with. If all else failed, I could make some more of my flea market pouches. Then I wondered over to the canvas bag section. If you've never looked at this section it is worth a browse. There are some great canvas bags out there, very cheap, to add whatever fun stuff you want to add to them.
I picked up this small, zippered bag and was on my way.

I did make another flea market belt but I also covered the zippered bag in these great fabrics and made a garage sale pouch. This little pouch is big enough for my money, business cards, sun glasses, keys, and cel phone. And you don't need much else when garage sale-ing. I can just grab it and go, and I've got everything I need to zip in and zip out. Of course I had to add some vintage goodies to it to bling it up.
And I like how the flaps turned out on the flea market belt. The weight of the keys holds it down, and there is no need for velcro or fasteners.

Here is another "in process" and a couple more of those great fabrics.

This has been a fun project. I'm actually thinking of offering these for sale. Any takers???
Here's a tip. When you are out garage sale-ing, don't pass up old metal belts.

There is a lot of fun hardware in there for jewelry, sewing, and other projects.
See ya in the Junk Pile,
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ClaireEJ said...

I would certainly buy one of your covered bags.
I love the brown and I really like the spotted fabric.

TinaTx said...

Well now those are just too cute! Great job!

Jenny S said...

I would love one of the smaller bags!! Keep us updated! Good idea about the metal belts! I always learn something new!

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

What pretty fabric! I love that flea market belt. The keys are a great idea! I definitely think they would sell.

Wanda said...

Those are perfect!

Canvas bag section? I've missed that one. Now I can't wait to get myself to HL and see what you're talking about.

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

What cute little money purse! I would love something like that! Of course, you may use the pic of the Halloween/Fall table, and Yes, I'm planning to enter your photo contest!! I'll try to send some pics in this week :)


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Okay, I need to learn how to sew! Beautiful work!


P.S. Photos will be coming!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there isn't a Hobby Lobby store in your ideas for the bag & fabric..Metal belts & link necklaces are two things I never pass up, theres alot to do with them. :) Jan

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Well look at you all sewing.... those little bags are so dang cute.... you did a VERY good job.... love the fabric....

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