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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remember the guy that punched my Car???

Many of you are new readers, so I'll re-cap. This happened in March,
here is the original post(condensed). Update at the bottom:

March 21, 2008
DH and I decided to hit a few garage sales this morning. The first sale we went to was a real dud, as we were leaving, I drove up a bit where there was a clear place to turn around. I did a 3 point turn, "turn, back up, and pull out strait", as I was pulling away, a man came out of a house, waving us down. We rolled down our window thinking he had an inquiry. He asked "what's going on here", I answered "there's a garage sale". At that point he replied very angerily that He was tired of people turning around in his driveway, and he had approached my car and was right up to us. His tone was very angry, and I thought it best to leave and avoid an escalation of the situation. As I drove forward DH and I heard a thud on my car and I assumed that he had hit it open handed as we drove off. Now let me say here, that I did not pull full into his driveway and am not sure I pulled into it at all. I may have 1-3 feet but that is all. I'm very conscientious of other peoples property and do not like to use driveways for that purpose. We drove on, tried to hit a few more sales and then headed home. I decided to look at my car to see if there was any damage and was surprised to find this.
A nice fist sized impression in my Junk Mobile.

Well then we decide to go file a complaint with the police.

Well because of lack of witnesses the police cannot do anything and have dropped the case. We finally had to CALL THEM to find this out. We could, file a small claims case against him, but After considering this option for awhile, I've decide life is too short to deal with his jerk, and I'll just lick my wounds and go on. The dent is still there, my poor car.

PS: I've had a couple of comments about just popping this out. Well wish we could, but you see that little fold (crease), that keeps us from being able to do that. DH has some ideas about punching it from the inside, but I'm afraid it'll be worse. Maybe I'll just leave it.



Sand Flat Farm said...

Aha!!! You're bloggin' at work! I'm gonna tell your boss :^)

I hate that you have little recourse on your car. CAn a car repair shop put one of those little suction thingies on there and pull the dent out? May be worth a try!

Or you could make some neat junkie bumper ornament and attach it to the "bean"- who knows? it might start a craze!

TinaTx said...

I bet the body shop can get that out since there isn't any paint chipped. Sucks that you will have to pay for it, but it shouldn't be much and like you said - life's too short.

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

What an experience! I can't believe they can't/won't do anything about it! Insane!


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

what a jerk! how about mail him a nice little package of dog poo for Christmas? I know thats not the Christmas spirit but I think he needs anger management classes! Hey thats for anger management! LOL!

Jennifer said...

grrr....I'd be so mad that I would go out of my way everyday to drive down his street and turn around in his driveway, waving cheerfully to him each time.

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