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Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby got a hair cut, doggie updates

My" low-rider" half golden, half basset, baby girl, got a hair cut this week. I just have to share these pictures because she looks so sweet, and clean, and tidy.

I think she lost 10 lbs at the groomers, and she looks wonderful, and is shedding much less.
Now if I could take 10 real pounds off of her (and me) we'd all be healthier.
You may be wondering what happened with our foster greyhound that I mentioned a few weeks ago. Well Szechuan, really needs to be in a house with a doggie door. She's got old lady bladder issues, so we had to pass her onto another rescue house, and it is working out better over there. She lives with 3 other greyhounds, and has free access to the outside anytime she needs to go. We really grew attached to her for the week we had her, but our home and lifestyle was not the best for her needs. She is happy. Here is a great picture for our memory book.

She's the white/red on the left.

And here is my new best friend.

It's a roomba, automatic robotic vacuum. I didn't think I would really use it, but it's great. If I'm leaving for awhile, I'll just stick it in a room, and let it go. When I come home, it's turned itself off and the floor is clean (for the most part). With all the dog hair I deal with, I think I'm gonna love this thing. It's funny to watch too.
I picked up one of the doggie beds, and set it on top of the other one, so the roomba could do it's thing. Gigi decided she liked the double bed thing. Kinda like the princess and the pea.

And she wouldn'tget up.

Well that's my doggie update. I might make this a weekly feature, as my dogs are an endless source of entertainment, work and yes, irritation. Kinda like kids.
Have a good one.


Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

If I had a roomba it would be picking up my boys' legos, my girl's hair ribbons, my buttons....We would probably kill the thing!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Yup. I think the roomba would drive my cats insane. They'd beat up the roomba or something! Good to hear the dog update. Sorry the foster didn't work out, but sounds like she's happy at her new home. ~Mindy

Ki said...

I have been watching the commercials for that crazy thing and I have repeated to my husband "Who would ever buy one of those?" Now I know! And now I get it! It would be really good for dog hair and the crumbs beneath my chair at the kitchen table. It is going on my Christmas list!

Sonja said...

Oh my gosh, I asked my dh for a roomba. I have a low rider also, who sheds 365 days in a year. Also 2 cats that likes to shed. I hope he getsone, if he doesn't I'm buying on !

Cynthia Holt Ziemian said...

Margo, Love ALL your cute babies! I have a Roomba, too...and yes, I love it as well. I'm working on hubby to get one that mops the floors, too! We have a lot of wooden floors. Puppy prints and all!

Christie said...

I couldn't agree more with your last statement! Dogs are like kids...a source of entertainment...and irritation! LOL
P.S. Thanks for all the junkie inspiration!

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