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Friday, December 19, 2008

Remember the "over done" house on my last post

Turns out they've made the local news.

This story may just change the way you look at these "tacky" decorations. Like I said, gives us something to talk about, something to see, and after this...something to think about.
Click the URL below for the video.

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS (CBS 11 News) ― Every year a North Richland Hills family decorates their yard to celebrate Christmas. But thieves have been making off with their d├ęcor and have even taken the reason for the season.

The Herreras have lived in their home since 1996, and they say they've been the target of thieves nearly every Christmas. This year is no exception.

"It's starting to get old after this long... it's starting to get old. It makes not want to do it no more," said David Herrera. "Friday is when they stole her sea-saw. Then Saturday is when I bought the surveillance equipment."

The investment paid off. Thieves returned on Monday, but this time they were caught on tape.

The video shows them pulling up just after 9 p.m. in a sedan with the front passenger wheel missing a hub cap. The passenger got out and stole two lawn decorations. The person struggled to get them in the car, and then they speed off.

But the thieves were not done. The same car returned an hour later after the lights were turned off. One stole the Christmas Tree near the stop sign. The other headed straight for the manger scene and stole the baby Jesus.

"I collect nativity scenes," said Gloria Herrera. "I do it for my family."

Gloria was very upset and was ready to take everything down when a lady driving by stopped at her house.

"Her little boy is two or three-years-old, and he said he wants to come by my house every day like he did last year," said Gloria. "We do this every year, and he thinks this is Santa's house."


Mindy said...

Aww! Indeed, differences are what makes the world go round. I imagine it's hard work putting together. And though it's not my thing, I do appreciate the spirit in which it was done! (People who steal suck.) A Merry Christmas to All! ~Mindy

Vee said...

Awww...thanks for re-visiting this. I'm so glad that they "fought" back with that video camera. Good for them!

Now I love again how sweet you are with your "overdone." I believe that "tacky" was my word. LOL!

Cheryl Connell said...

I just took a few days and looked through all your posts. Fabulous! and then I went to the website and spent some time there. Great ideas! I have a building full of stuff too and just gotta get to it. Right now, the 2 feet of snow might be a problem. :)
I got here from Red shed girls, who I got there from Ki's blog. And from yours I am visiting more. I love this bunch of junkers! so inspiring.

I'll be back,

Ki said...

I know I didn't feel this way when I was younger, but beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. I'm right in there with the little boy...I'm ok with overdone.


Ann said...

"overdone" isn't my thing. Not at my house anyways, but my kids love it. Their eyes light up with joy when we drive by a house like that. Frankly I'm glad some folks are into overdone. It's a shame people can't keep there hands off of it.

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