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Thursday, January 8, 2009

This week's finds

Yesterday I got a call from a fellow Junker, that she had just gotten back from an auction in IL and had some stuff for me to look at. I picked up this great birdcage, and stand from her.

And This whold batch of old hardware

And about 8 of these beauties

And then today, I hit a few of my junking haunts and found these great things

Look how beautiful the legs are on this coffee table

And I got a great deal on this heater front

These old craft supplies in their original packages

and some bottles and pretties for the class I'm giving in February

Here's the class information if you are interested, I've had several inquiries so far. I love the suggestion that a few of you made about doing a video of the class. I think I'm gonna do it, so watch for the videos later in February

This is a very versatile project, the designs are endless, I'll have suggestions and pictures to help spark your creativity, as well as lots of trinkets, sparklies, etc.
When you leave, you'll have all the knowledge you'll need to make these on your own, and the one you made, to take home with you.
Date February 5th
Time 6:00-8:00 or whenever we get finished
Location will be given to students, but is on the east side of Tyler Texas, near the Oil Palace.
If you are interested email me
I'm limiting this first class to 8 ladies, first come, first serve. Let's create something.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

My favorite is the Letters box on the coffee table. You got some great stuff! Can't wait to see what creative things you do with them! ~Mindy

TinaTx said...

You've got some good looking junk there, girlfriend! Love that table.
Good luck with the class!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Love all your finds!

Debbie P. said...

As always, I love all your finds! But it blows my mind where you could be storing all this stuff? I'm so excited for you with the class and hope something can be worked-out video-wise. Thanks for another great blog entry!

LuAnn and Rick said...

Since I'm a little to far for the class I'll wait for the video.
Thanks LuAnn

Shelley said...

Hi Margo,I love that neat birdcage! Good luck on your junk art classes,I will be keeping an eye open to see the different ones you will be offering. Have a blessed weekend,Shelley

Kudzu said...

Love the birdcage and stand...I bought one at a yard sale, the lady said it was a belt rack :D I got it for $5,lol. I don't have a bird, but it looked sweet on my front porch with a cutting jar in it.
I sure love the decorative bottles idea and I can't wait to see what the class comes up with!

csudderth said...

I'm so jealous of your great finds this weekend. Wish I was close enough to take your class.

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