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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Canton in July, I mean February

It is February in Texas, but today got up to the mid 80's. Still that's pretty comfortable with the wind blowing etc. I had the choice of going today or tomorrow, and decided to go today even though it will be a bit cooler tomorrow. But enough about the weather.
I didn't take a lot of pics, frankly because my camera was buried under all the stuff I got. I actually had to make a mid shopping run to the car, to unload.

I did manage to dig the camera out for some pics of the Veranda and Junk Palace.
Margaret and Lilly have great stuff. Margaret made these collages

It was so funny, a lady was in there asking "where do you get all the stuff to make these". I felt like saying, just walk around out there in the field, it's all there.

Margaret did a real good job on these, and they are stunning in person

I also love this old horse, stroller push toy thing. but is was a bit too rich for my blood. I think Margaret wants to keep it.

Here are some things I brought home. Car full-o-junk. Can't really see the forest for the trees. My poor car. See the back of the seats there. that's from hauling stuff around.

And I actually bought a piece of furniture. this old old child's desk is height adjustable

and has a little drawer. The top needs some finish work, but the lower parts are in great shape. There is even a little well so that pencils don't roll off the desk.

And here's your "whatsit", and truthfully I don't know the answer.
I know it is from the textile industry. It says Hickok on the sides. It has a roller on the bottom and a place for one on the top, and these little wood pieces that poke outwards. Any ideas?????

I'm sure I'll share some better pictures of my finds in the days to come. Some may even show up on my Weekend Online Garage Sale.
I will post garage sale items on Saturday this week instead of Sunday, so look for them early.

This little on-line garage sale thing is catching on. I'll have 2 other spots for you to shop from 2 other bloggers who are also having online sales.


cindee said...

Cool stuff!!! I can't wait to see what you will be selling on Saturday!!!!

Artsy Fartsy said...

I love the horse stroller!!! I wish I was closer to come to Canton!!! I have ssen the best pics from everyone there, keep posting, I an drooling, Janna

Shelley said...

Hi Margo,looks like you made a haul at Canton. I would love to go shopping and looking around at Canton as I used to ,but my knees and back won't hold up.Guess,I need to invest in a little scooter
for myself..(smile). Thanks for sharing your finds,and the other cool stuff!


Anonymous said...

Margo you find the coolest stuff! Thanks for sharing your finds!

:) Jan

mim shaffer said...

I think the "whatsit" is some kind of bindery/paper rolling machine. There's an old company (100+ years) in PA called Hickok,
the founder invented all sorts of book binding and paper rolling machines. This could be one of them.

Vee said...

Those collages are out of this world wonderful! Thank you for sharing those pics.

Anonymous said...


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