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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Garage Sale Sunday-Open

Prices Lowered
What does one do when an item doesn't sell at a Garage Sale? Why one lowers the price of course. So check to see if the item you wanted has been lowered. I've removed the items that sold. New prices in bold.
As promised here are my offerings for my online, virtual Garage Sale. If you see something you like email me. Just click the link "email me" and I'll work out the details with you. All items will be shipped the cheapest way, which will probably be Priority Mail, but not always. Sometimes larger items are better going UPS. I prefer Paypal, but will accept Money Orders. Here are my offerings.
For Larger Image, on a PC, right click on the picture and then choose view image

Brass Mail box New Price 3.00 Shipping $9.00 (It's possible shipping could be lower. I need to know destination before I can be sure.)

vintage Crock with repaired damage, Displays well
$5.00 Shipping $10.50 via UPS fully insured. (It's possible shipping could be lower. I need to know destination before I can be sure.)

Basket with liner and divider, Unknown maker $1.00 plus $5 to ship

metal drapery leaves for tie backs or pole ends
$2.00 plus $3 First Class Mail

Unknown wire object, Not sure of it's purpose
$2.00 plus $3 to ship, first class mail

1 Junkers Calendar 10.00 shipping included. That's $4.50 off the regular price and $2.50 off the current price.

Well That's it for this time. LMK if you are interested in anything.


Janene said...

Margo~I love looking at your garage sale Sunday items.
I left you an email on the Warren Kimble frame.
Hope you hear from you soon.

Sunshine said...

trophy tops are filling my head with ideas!!
email sent :D

Dawn said...

Margo, boy do you have a new fan in me!! I have ran across your blog this Sun. morn. and hit every entry you've made. Wow, you have a busy brain. I love love love this kind of stuff. I will add you to my favorites NOW!! If you have a min. please stop by my blog and look around. I too, love to repurpose things, love tag sales and junk. Catch you later, Dawn

Anonymous said...


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