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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun with Lanterns and It's a Movement, the "Online Garage Sale" Movement

I've recently been inspired to use old lamps as display pieces for unusual items.

For this one, instead of placing a candle in the center, I place 3 dried roses. Plants don't do well on my porch so I tend to substitute junk
objects instead of plants. You can't kill junk. Think outside the box as to what you could put inside an old lantern.


the one below would make a good photo frame too

Holiday Display

What about using an old santa instead of an angel, or even an old bottle brush tree. I'm loving old lanterns, and even the tops of old lanterns work as fun garden junk.

It seems that a movement has been started. Although, I'd love to take the credit I cannot. It was all started by Mindy, then I joined in and then Cynthia. In the past week I've had 2 others ask me if they could join in too. I feel funny with them asking, because it's not like I own the idea or anything, but I began to think.
This could become something really big and really fun. So here's the deal, Anyone can join in, you just need to link to the rest of us. Let us know you are doing it, so we can link to you.
I will continue to have online weekend garage sales as long as I've got smalls to sell. Come join the fun, I sell something every week, usually more than one thing. It's a fun way to share the junk.

Questions and Answers:
Some of you have asked me questions, and I've not been able to respond directly to you, because your email address is not sent with your question when you post it here. So I'm going to do a Q&A session here.

Bucharoo asks if I'm a musician because I have a lot of music related stuff.
Answer: I don't have a musical bone in my body. But that does not keep me from singing my lungs out in the car. I love the look of musical instruments though, and like to use them in my projects. My husband and I own a Synthesizers business but I cannot play, he also plays the drums.

Do you sell anything online?
Answer:Yes, I have an online store, and I post items on a weekly garage sale, right here, on the weekends.

Do you ship to Canada
Answer: yes

Where are you located?
Answer: I live in Tyler Texas which is in the North east part of Texas, about 1.5 hrs from the Lousiana border going east, and 2 hrs from Dallas going west. My booth is in Noonday, which is just outside of Tyler city limits and about 5 minutes from my home.

Do you set up in Canton?
Answer: Nope, I only shop in Canton

Do you sleep?
Answer: Yep A lot, I love sleep, it's my guilty pleasure. I take a nap daily if I can and then I go go go till late at night.

Does your brain ever shut off?
Answer: Only when I sleep, now you know why I like it so much.

Hope you found some information and a little bit of humor in that Q&A, and come join the fun of the weekend online garage sales. See you Saturday with more goodies.

See you here tomorrow for my Weekend Garage Sale


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh margo...i love the lantern ideas!! i will find those cast off lanterns from time to time and i end up paying them forward to fellow junkers cuz i just can't think nothing cute to do w/them. thanks for sharing.
will check out friday's sale!
good luck

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Thanks for the credit Margo. Looks like you can pick up the torch from here, as I am going out of town in the morning, and haven't had a chance to put anything together for a sale. I did this as a fund raiser for Warrenton. Might pick things back up later in the year for the Fall show in Warrenton! Indeed, the lanterns are cute. And your q&! ~Mindy

Every piece of junk is someone's memory. said...

Lovin' those online sales. It is so fun to see what others have, and what others buy! Love it, may jump in. That is if I ever figure out the photo thing!

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